BOOK REVIEW | Employment Contracts for The New World of Work


By Jan Kemp Nel (Snr) and Jan Kemp Nel (Jnr)

Employment Contracts for The New World of Work deals with the employment contract in South Africa and the importance of this document as the foundation of the commercial relationship between the employee and the employer.

In Employment Contracts for The New World of Work, the authors discuss employment issues as they relate to the ‘new normal’, including topics such as remote and hybrid working, and the effect this has had on managerial control and authority.

The nature and relevance of the contract of employment

It describes the nature and relevance of the contract of employment, the essential components and conclusion of the contract, the legislative framework and aspects related to breaches of the contract, as well as repudiation and the termination of the contract.

Employment Contracts for The New World of Work provides practical assistance and information to the entrepreneur, business owner, front-line manager, trade union representative and official, who is, no matter how experienced, always in need of a quick reference guide and source of knowledge.

Content includes:

  • Identifying the Parties to The Contract.
  • The Legislative Framework.
  • The Contract of Employment: Formation, Contents and Format.
  • Termination of Employment.
  • Pushing the Frontiers of Traditional Employment – Working from Home (WFH) And Hybrid Working.
  • Repudiation Breaches of Contract and Remedial Rights.
  • Disputes and Dispute Processes.

The book includes a free toolkit with sample contracts, guidelines, policies, procedures and statutory regulations.

About the authors

Jan Kemp Nel (Snr), BA, LLB (UP) and Dip LR (Unisa), has extensive experience of the dynamics and practices of employment and labour relations law, and is a specialist in contract of employment law, in which he has been specializing for over the last 35 years.

During this time, he was involved in a multitude of both CCMA and Labour Court cases and skirmishes, trials and settlements representing employers, employees and trade unions alike. He has also developed and introduced strategies and systems designed for optimal quality in employment relations generally.

He advocates and practices a preventative structured approach, recognizing that conflict is inherent but that conflicts can always be resolved.

Jan is also the author of The Dismissal: A Practical and Informative Toolkit to Ensure a Fair and Effective Dismissal, and Win at the CCMA: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide, as well as a book on practical absenteeism strategies reduce absenteeism.

Jan Kemp Nel (Jnr), is a passionate and energetic new generation Attorney. He is also a labour law specialist, and an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. He holds an LL.M degree.

Having spent the last few years gaining invaluable experience in areas such as litigation, commercial transactions, labour relations, and sports law.

  • PUBLISHER | KR Publishing |
  • ISBN-13 | 978-1869228996 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R359.00
  • Classification | Human Resources |



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