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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chavismo | The latest socialist failure

The tragedy unfolding in Venezuela serves to prove a point long-settled by the failures of communist China, the USSR, Cambodia, Zimbabwe etc.

Opportunities for alternative lenders in Africa

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are critical for the growth of emerging economies and increasing employment, but access to finance is one of the biggest obstacles for SMEs to grow.

Our future depends on stronger social cohesion

South Africa’s economic future is inextricably linked to the broader efforts to create a cohesive and progressive society. Initiatives to stimulate key sectors of the economy and attract investment to ignite job-creating growth will not be successful if they are not accompanied by a parallel process to address lingering issues in society that inhibit nation building.

Who will protect us from our protectors?

'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?' is a Latin phrase used by the Roman poet Juvenal, which can be translated to mean 'who will protect us from our protectors?'

Turning around the failure of South Africa’s land reform projects

Two important developments have recently taken place on the ongoing land reform discussion front.

Further into the mire of socialism

Reality can be avoided for only so long. The South African economy has slipped into its first technical recession since 2009. Cyril Ramaphosa’s confidence in growth for the economy has proven hollow. Without a change in the size and the amount of control the state has grasped over the lives of South Africans, without a change in policy from socialism to free markets, this recession was inevitable.

Achieving the elusive 6 per cent growth rate

In 2005, former President Mbeki committed his government to an economic growth target of 6 per cent, but only after 2010. For the interim five years a more modest target of 4.5 per cent was envisaged.

Social responsibility strategy | Re-purposing surplus food targets hungry and climate...

The amount of food waste generated in our society is a grave concern. It is almost unconscionable what volumes of perfectly edible food are discarded – especially in a country like ours, where such massive problems of hunger and malnutrition exist.

Land debate | Discussions around land, property and ownership

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s late night announcement on 31 July 2018 on the decision to amend Section 25 of the South African Constitution to clearly articulate land without compensation has driven the debate on land ownership into top gear. 

IBA reaction to John Bolton’s attack on the International Criminal Court

The extraordinary attack launched by United States National Security Advisor John Bolton against the International Criminal Court (ICC) not only dismisses the principle of accountability for war crimes, but reinforces the Trump administration's repugnant policy of exceptionalism, whereby the US demands adherence to international law by all countries except itself.
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