No respite for coffee lovers as higher global prices stoke local...

South Africa’s consumer continued to breathe a sigh of relief as headline inflation steadied to 5.2% y/y in May 2024 according to Statistics South Africa. Food inflation however decelerated further to 4.3% y/y in May 2024 from 4.4% in April 2024 underpinned by declines in bread and cereals, milk, eggs and cheese, oils and fats, and sugar, sweets, and desserts prices. Drilling deeper into the data shows a continued stickiness on the upside for coffee products.

The price of populism? – the rule of law, economic freedom...

The results are in. The African National Congress has attained 40% of the vote, the Democratic Alliance (DA) 21%, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) 14%, and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 9%. It is clear that some of these parties enjoy too much support in the context of a country that claims to be a constitutional state that prioritises the rule of law and which requires massive foreign and domestic private investment.

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Teaching people where to pee – the conundrum of victimless crimes

We don’t like people urinating in public. At the same time, most liberal-minded people wouldn’t want somebody jailed for it or might feel uncomfortable seeing someone being flogged in public for the offence. Still, it is a bad habit; unhygienic and the nudity a bit of a shock on an empty stomach. We want a sense of order, don’t we?

South African Constitution – Section 12 – we need more detectives

After its rise to power, the African National Congress (ANC) devastated law enforcement through the enabling of corruption, pressuring many veteran cops to resign, and by absorbing detectives directly into the police hierarchy. This move destroyed detective-work in the country, and lead to many detectives resigning and seeking greener pastures.

May elections – crucial role of telecommunications security

With national election taking place this month, we are stressing the importance of robust telecommunications security to facilitate a successful electoral process. This priority reflects our commitment to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of communications systems during crucial democratic events.

What goes around comes around

James Peron | President | Moorfield Storey Institute | Contributing Author | Free Market Foundation | mail me | There is a popular phrase people often use, “What goes around comes...

The faded rainbow – 30 Years into South Africa’s democracy

Three decades into our constitutional democracy, the remnants of our dark past continue to lurk in the layered echelons of our unequal society. In commemoration of Freedom Day, we are reminded that though blood was shed and sacrifices were made to attain this freedom, not all South Africans are privy to its gains. Many South Africans are politically free yet economically poor.

Political parties need to talk our dreams & address our fears

It always amazes me how much time political parties devote to other parties. It is not as if we would think that they support or admire their competitor, and it’s not as if their view of their nemesis is likely to convince us of anything.

Antiques Roadshow & the fallacy of Marx

If you pay attention to what is happening, you can learn some basic principles of economics. This makes sense, when you realise that economics...


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