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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Bulletproof your business with purpose

The point about stuff you don’t know, is generally that you don’t know that you don’t know. Which in some cases is kinda ok. However, when it comes to issues lurking in dark corners that have the potential to impact on your ability to trade, most leaders want a torch. They want and need to know what they don’t know. Which is why it is so critical for businesses to adopt purpose-centered business strategies.

Is your management position safe from automation?

With an estimated two thirds of jobs in South Africa at risk of automation, it would be naïve for organisational leaders and managers to think their positions are immune.

Cryptocurrency impact on management strategy

Boards and management teams are, or will soon be, compelled to consider the implications of the direct impact of cryptocurrencies on their businesses, and the potential indirect impact from several angles. In addition, there is considerable potential for new business models, which are starting to emerge in many areas.

Lessons for ‘momtrepreneurs’ this Mothers’ Day

Mothers are often lauded as the superheroes of their homes and society at large. So, when it comes to entrepreneurial moms, there can be no doubt that these women are a boundless source of inspiration who serve as motivation for their children and other moms to pursue entrepreneurship, a decision that can only benefit South Africa into the future.

Ethics vs Operational Competency

I am regularly concerned by just how easily and it may be argued intentionally a Professional Body misinterprets its obligation towards the enforcement of Ethical and Behaviourally acceptable conduct on the one hand, and on the other its obligation to ensure acceptable levels of competency and ongoing personal development to maintain that competent profile. These are neither the same thing, nor are they interchangeable.

Corporate arrogance | is there an antidote?

In an ideal world, successful private companies would distribute their wealth responsibly among stakeholders. Instead, many companies allow the unchecked pursuit of financial success to distort their thinking and their values, leading to extremes of wealth accumulation. In our materialistic society, displaying financial success is accepted, even overtly encouraged. However, many such habits lead to a deadly culture of arrogance and a (barely concealed) disdain for those who are less successful.

Beware the iceberg!

Insourcing your business continuity management may seem to make sense—until, too late, you realise that 80 percent of the costs and complexities are hidden. Although most responsible organisations now accept the imperative for a proper business continuity management (BCM) plan, when it comes to investing in a business continuity capability, the eternal problem of costs asserts itself.

Percentage of women in senior roles in South Africa creeps up

But no women at all in senior roles in 20% of SA businesses, is concerning. Although almost one third (29%) of senior roles in South Africa are now filled by women, one in five local businesses (20%) still have no women at all in senior positions. These are among the findings of the 2018 Grant Thornton International Business Report focused specifically on research regarding Women in Business.

SONA leans heavily on corporate governance

In his much-lauded State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Cyril Ramaphosa devoted considerable attention to the challenge of rooting out corruption in government. The IoDSA has consistently argued that ethical institutions in both the public and private sectors alike are created from the top down, and that an organisation’s directors bear the main responsibility for ensuring that ethics are embedded in its DNA.

Should financially distressed ESKOM cease to trade?

State owned enterprise ESKOM is insolvent and illiquid such that its ability to meet operational costs and long-term debt obligations appears unlikely.The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa (Accountability Now) is questioning how ESKOM is to continue to trade in the present circumstances which would, in Accountability Now’s opinion, be contrary to section 22 of the Act on any reasonable interpretation.
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