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Leadership – the importance of being present

We see leaders all around us: we see them in businesses, parliament, communities, and even in social settings. We see them amongst the rich and the poor, men and women, young and old. Consider a group of small children playing for example: one always tends to take the lead while the others follow. But if we see so many leaders, why do we find so little leadership?

Artificial Intelligence – how can it benefit AFRICA?

As AI gains traction, concerns loom over the future of jobs in numerous industries. Can we offset these risks, and is it worth it to even try? The rise of the robot, widely considered the next industrial revolution, is a global talking point with the fate of Africa forming a large question mark.

Culture and Leadership Prevent or Promote Fraud and Corruption

Businesses and public organisations lose millions of rands each year to fraud and theft, often perpetrated by their own employees. Moreover, the value that...

Managing conflicts of interest must be a priority

The media reports are full of such stories; albeit cheating in sports, State capture, wide-scale corruption at governmental, provincial, municipal, parastatal, corporate and the...


2016 was a tough year for many South Africans - and small businesses took a hard knock as the local economy experienced many challenges to...

Effective employee communication is essential during lockdown

As the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown nears the end of its initial deadline, businesses across the country have had to review the way that they communicate with their employees. With the diminished in-person contact that employers now have with their workforce, it is vital to have a system in place that ensures staff are equipped with the right information in order to stay safe, remain engaged with their companies, and be prepared for work to resume.

Ethical leadership is not enough

The need for ethical leadership is much clearer and more urgent now than it has ever been since the dawn of the new South Africa. Unfortunately, it took massive corruption to elevate the importance of ethical leadership in the public consciousness, and so the cost has been high to get us to this level of awareness.

Municipal debtors management critical

Managing the debtor book is critical to ensuring stable cash flows for any municipality, and has great impact on its ability in delivering services to its constituents.


South Africa’s current woes are in large part a result of a large-scale breakdown in ethics (both personal and professional) and good governance practices. One only needs to look at the goings-on at Steinhoff, KPMG, Eskom, SARS and VBS Bank to see the impact that unethical behaviour, large scale looting and unchecked business practices have had on the South African economy and on South Africans, whose confidence in the leadership of this country and those in business is at an all-time low.

Non-executive directors cautioned to exercise due care

South Africa’s non-executive directors cautioned to exercise due care in discharging their responsibilities in the wake of recent corporate disasters. Boards are under significant pressure to continually transform in the face of disruptive technology, globalisation, political and economic uncertainty, and a volatile marketplace.


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