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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Living Will draft bill is important

A draft National Health Amendment Bill is to be introduced to parliament that will explicitly allow for living wills to be recognised and enforced.

The Cannabis judgment: Implications for society and the workplace

South Africa’s apex court has ruled on the issue of the use, possession and cultivation of cannabis by adult persons in private.

Lobola is a loved part of our heritage, but is it...

The practice of lobola is an intrinsic part of getting married for many South Africans. But is it a tradition or a legal process? A legal marriage protects your rights, particularly your property rights, if the marriage fails. That’s why it is important for South Africans to know the relationship between lobola and a legal marriage.

Marijuana (dagga) – personal use now legal, but regulations required

The Constitutional Court announced today that dagga is now legal in South Africa for private use. However,  there are a number of concerns and questions around regulation and control that still need to be addressed to ensure the safety of both users and non-users.

IBA reaction to John Bolton’s attack on the International Criminal Court

The extraordinary attack launched by United States National Security Advisor John Bolton against the International Criminal Court (ICC) not only dismisses the principle of accountability for war crimes, but reinforces the Trump administration's repugnant policy of exceptionalism, whereby the US demands adherence to international law by all countries except itself.

Protection of Personal Information

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) has not yet fully come into force. Its aim is to protect personal information from 'leaks'.

Immigrant employment obligations and the law

Many people throughout Africa, look at South Africa is a place which offers socio-economic opportunities; and as a result, it has become home to many inter-regional and inter-continental migrants seeking gainful employment.

Johannesburg fire raises legal considerations for workers

The recent fire which broke out in a government building in central Johannesburg lead to the tragic loss of lives of three firefighters who were attempting to put out the blaze. The lives, and health of safety of employees working in the building were also put at risk.

Directors liability in cyberspace

Cyber risks are evolving on a near daily basis posing countless threats to companies, and accordingly, directors need to stay abreast of legal developments to protect themselves and their companies in their fiduciary duties.

Labour broker ruling considerations

For most labour brokers and their clients, the new judgement by the Constitutional Court – which determines that TES employees are deemed permanent employees of the client after a three-month period – it means business as usual.
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