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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Enigma of Copyright ownership in artificial intelligence (AI) created works

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the law of copyright may be one step behind. Copyright is governed in terms of the Copyright Act which protects certain defined “works” including computer programmes, films, and literary, musical and artistic works. Up and until recently, these works have been created exclusively by humans. The advances in AI, however, have resulted in the possibility of an AI creating its own works with little, or even no, human input.

Compliance with European Union General Data Protection Regulations scary!

There is a buzz about data protection and privacy. South African companies who have customers in the European Union who have been asked to 'comply' with the European Union General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR), will find the legislation is comprehensive (and scary) and is due to be implemented in May 2018.

Parental leave – a minimum term of employment?

Currently, South African employment laws provide minimum leave entitlements for all employees for annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, and unpaid maternity leave for female employees. A proposed amendment will introduce, for the first time, a new leave type of Parental Leave.

Solicitation lands former employee in hot water

In the recent case of Massmart Holdings Limited v Theron, the Labour Court provided guidance regarding the calculation of damages suffered by an employer as a result of a former employee breaching a non-solicitation undertaking.

Ntsebeza Inquiry into conduct of SAICA Members employed by KPMG

In November 2017, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) convened what is now known as the “Ntsebeza Inquiry” [also referred to as the Inquiry]. The aim of the Inquiry is that it should investigate, independently, allegations that some of its members who were/are employed by KPMG, had allegedly engaged in conduct in contravention of the SAICA Code of Professional Conduct. 

Navigating a dawn raid!

The Competition Commission has conducted a significant number of dawn raids. From the beginning of 2017, the Commission has raided 47 companies and 53 premises in total. 

Ratepayers association tackles the shebeen regulations

The formalisation and regulation of shebeens has posed an interesting challenge for the liquor industry at large, often being met with a lot of resistance from the concerned stakeholders, such as liquor traders and many other various players. On 1 November 2017 the Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg found in favour of the Yeoville Bellevue Ratepayers’ Association (“the Association”) by declaring the Gauteng Liquor Regulations on Shebeen Licences published in 2013 invalid (“the Regulations”). 

Autonomous vehicle liability?

If an accident is caused by an automated vehicle when driving itself, whilst insured, and it causes anyone to suffer damages, then is the insurer liable for that damage caused? If the vehicle is not insured is the owner of the vehicle liable for the damage?

Travel allowances – what you can and can’t do

It is common for travellers to buy foreign currency from an Authorised Dealer (AD), such as a bank or authorised dealer in foreign exchange,...

The Art of Posting – Are you breaching copyright?

Social networking is increasingly becoming a daily ritual of many South Africans. According to World Wide Worx’s SA Social Media Landscape 2017, Facebook is...
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