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Tue, Nov 19, 2019

New CCTV analytics will make looters think twice

Labour discontent, taxi strikes, protests, xenophobia … the incidences of general unrest across South Africa are rising and, while some are peaceful, the numbers that are escalating to violence and looting are alarming. In these chaotic scenes, criminals take advantage. Intelligent, analytics-enabled CCTV systems can make all the difference when it comes to identifying them, getting justice and claiming from insurance.

REVIEW | iPhone 11 Pro Mobile to the Max

Apple upgrade cycles have become regular enough to set your clock to, and each iteration on their iPhone is always the best they have ever made. 2019 is no different, and yet this is by far the best iPhone ever made. Huge leaps in photography and speed along with general improvements have resulted in a significant upgrade on the iPhone XS from last year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: don’t get caught up in the...

Over the past five years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday has become big business in South Africa. And we are not talking about standing in insanely long queues for toilet paper; while South Africa has not embraced the same type of discounts that the US does when Black Friday officially opens the festive shopping season, South Africans are always up for a deal and want to be first in line to take advantage of this.

Workers already being replaced by robots

There is a technology that is disrupting the workplace, it’s called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using software ‘robots’ to mimic repetitive human interactions with computers, this technology can do these tasks much faster, without any rest and no errors that human are prone to making.

Wi-Fi turns 20 – 20 significant milestones

In 1999 several technology companies formed the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA). On 30th September 1999, the 802.11b wireless LAN standard became available in commercial products. This moment is considered as the beginning of wireless networks known today as Wi-Fi. As time went by, new generations of wireless networks were emerging.

Contact centres – the new soft target for hackers?

Hackers are becoming more brazen in the way they target organisations as they hunt for soft targets. Companies who see the value in outsourcing their customer experience services to contact centres should be wary of the risks this brings, coupled with the adoption of new technology.

Key steps to digital transformation maturity

Digital innovation is accelerating in South Africa - from call centres using chatbots and automatic transcription to improve customer service, to financial advisors harnessing machine learning and data analytics, rapidly matching client and solution, and emerging use cases of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and AR/VR training in the mining and manufacturing sectors.  

How is data helping small businesses grow?

With the Digital Revolution in full swing, data is to business what oxygen is to mankind. It is a crucial resource – one that enables companies, especially smaller ventures, to make better business decisions, grow their customer base, keep their competitive edge and secure funding.

Security spend now outpaces IT spend

The demand for cybersecurity solutions is growing rapidly, businesses around the globe are investing heavily in security. Annual global cyber losses are expected to hit US$6 trillion by 2021, with cybersecurity spending projected to exceed a total of US$1 trillion for the five years leading up to 2021.

Rewiring your brain – are you plugged into 4IR connected thinking?

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution rages on, there needs to be a greater shift towards adopting an interconnected way of thinking if humans are to truly engage and optimise 4IR and beyond.
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