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Website audits could increase profits

Companies can become more profitable through website audits, it enables them to discover new revenue opportunities, uncover the most profitable areas of search and also shows their online presence profitability. Digital marketing should always start with an audit, it could benefit any business aiming to increase its online presence.

Standardising eSignatures to drive adoption

The eSignature market is highly regulated with a plethora of choices when it comes to vendor solutions. Organisations are often overwhelmed with a vast range of possibilities when implementing electronic signatures into their business processes, and this often stifles the adoption.

Why data silos are detrimental to excellent CX

With more and more of our world becoming digitally dominated, always-on and always connected, consumers literally have a world of choice when it comes to obtaining the products and services they need. Pricing is no longer a real point of differentiation, and the ability to deliver an excellent Customer Experience (CX) is more important than ever.

Two ways to make your data science projects great

To get real value from data science, organisations must operationalise their data and productionise their AI models. Once these two key problems are solved, enterprises can expect to accelerate their data science projects to the point where they are seeing major innovations in their operations - but what exactly do the terms mean?

Is lack of email security hanging businesses out to dry?

Mimecast’s latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report has found a 269% increase in Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. Furthermore, the FBI recently indicated that worldwide losses from such attacks amounted to approximately $26 billion over the last three years.

Understanding the evolving payments landscape

Digital and mobile technology is continually evolving and advancing, creating new ways to pay; from mobile wallets to peer-to-peer to digital currency, the modern payments landscape has evolved past simply cards and cash. Consumers, eager to adopt these new ways to pay, are changing their purchasing habits to meet these emerging methods.

The impact of AI on jobs in the retail motor sector

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is gaining traction in all sectors. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation are being applied to create ingenious innovations – advancements aimed at making life easier, improving productivity and speeding up the evolution of industries.

The software systems every small business must have in place

In today’s ever-changing technology landscape there are quite a few business owners who are unsure about which systems they need in place to ensure that their business is not only well managed now, but also geared for future growth.

The mobile data pricing conundrum

As the market continues to digest the Competition Commission’s summary findings on the data services market in South Africa, some experts believe that their methodology in coming up with the findings was not necessarily the right approach. The South African mobile industry cannot be compared to those in other African countries.

(In)security in the healthcare industry – immunity at stake

Renowned French philosopher, Paul Virilio once said; “When you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck.” How inevitable is this in technology today? Security professionals are having to work hard at putting in measures, best practices, mapping systems, lighthouses and beacons in order to reap the benefits of new innovations, all while managing potentially catastrophic risks.



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