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Cyber security requires a new approach

From digital transformation through to the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), decision-makers are changing their views on how technology can benefit the organisation. But while much attention is placed on things like data analysis, the cloud, and automation, cyber security has fallen by the wayside.

High demand spectrum policy – an overview

The ​Department of Communications has published its highly-anticipated ‘Policy on High Demand Spectrum and Policy Direction on Licensing of a Wireless Open Access Network’ which purports to address South Africa's longstanding spectrum scarcity challenges.

Chatbots: revolutionising contact centres and customer experience

The local contact centre industry is thriving and has seen substantial growth over the last four years, as South Africa became an enticing destination for offshore business. Concurrently, telcos across the world are seeking to improve their customer experience and reduce operating costs, largely due to disruptive business models, ever-increasing competition and the rising digital wave.

SD-WAN – the in’s, the out’s and the why’s

Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is emerging as a mainstream technology and is seeing increasing global adoption as organisations seek to optimise cost and streamline access to cloud applications.

REVIEW | LG G8S ThinQ Smartphone

LG has hit the streets with its latest smartphone, the G8s. The G8 with some exciting technology was announced at MWC Barcelona in February and finally reached our shores with the G8s version. There are some innovative technologies and a broad set of flagship features. The question is has LG done enough with the G8 to stay relevant in a crowded market. Steven Ambrose explores.

Managing a multi-cloud environment

With the recent significant investments made by hyper-scale cloud providers in South Africa, it is becoming increasingly apparent that cloud adoption is maturing in the local market, as enterprises realise that different aspects of their business require different platforms.

Key steps for digital transformation

As we transform products and deliver them to market differently, interact with our customers via different tools or channels and aim to empower our employees to deliver more with the right tools, we need to ensure we provide a framework for this all to happen.

AI case study comparative in two European countries

Finally, an opportunity to examine the substantive choices made in the application of AI solutions, within the same industry, reflecting the cultures and norms of two different countries.

SI success judged by vendor relationships

The majority of IT projects fail. According to research published by The Standish Group, of more than 50,000 IT projects between 1992 and 2004, only 29 percent were deemed successful. This problem has not lessened - consultancies such as Forrester and McKinsey regularly note a 70% failure rate among transformation projects. So even though technology procurement and delivery is changing, why hasn’t the failure rate lessened?

Trust is key to digital transformation

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Trust is what every business is built on – the brand promise, the quality of products and solutions, and ultimately, client relationships are based on trust.
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