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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Key search marketing trends

Google search marketing saw an upswing in technologies such as chatbots, voice search, image searches and enhanced search engine results (SERP) features in 2018.

Game-changing SEO trends to watch in 2019

We don’t surf the internet like we used to because technology continues to evolve and drive our behaviour. Thanks to Google, search engine optimisation (SEO) is also changing.

CX trends for 2019?

2018 was a tough year for South African businesses. Many organisations have faced closing their doors or reinventing themselves in order to remain in business. Now more than ever, companies need to differentiate themselves, and the most viable way to do this is through reorganisation around customers and their needs.

Sharpen your communication skills for the digital world

Online communication has shaken up the rules for traditional communication – not only in general life, but in business too. 

Are lost sales impacting your bottom line?

Using technology to manage your company’s loss rate can have a massive impact on your bottom line. If you want to win at business, you need to become obsessed with your losses.

The B2B of LinkedIn

South Africa has 6,1 million people using LinkedIn, with 72% of brands relying on it as a marketing tool. This is very relevant in the B2B space, because you could be missing out if you’re not already using LinkedIn for business.

Economic consequences of Black Friday and understanding consumer behaviour

The Black Friday sales frenzy can trigger our deepest emotional and cognitive responses and can lead us down a path of unnecessary spending. However, consumers can use insights from behavioural economics to empower them to make decisions that align with their individual financial goals.

Presenting creative – unpack your thinking first or run 100 laps

As creatives, we often face the daunting task of having to present our work to a client. Your blood, sweat and tears went into conceptualising and creating a new campaign, and now you have to face a cold boardroom and present your work to an audience that just doesn’t have the same emotional connection that you have to your work.

Become a networking ninja

No matter which line of business you go into, you will most likely need to be a master of networking to succeed as an entrepreneur. Knowing the right people is the key to growing your customer base, finding the right employees, accessing support and expertise and more. 

Time to act on digital transformation

Digitisation has forever changed the consumer buying experience. The internet, once a simple tool to browse options and compare prices before consumers experienced and bought the product in a store, has now become the platform on which brands compete for share of mind and pocket.
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