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Friday, August 17, 2018

Readership | PAMS introduces AIR and CORE?

Consumers are interacting with media content in more sophisticated ways, accessing content on multiple devices, and at any time. In light of this, a new reading currency was required to achieve an accurate measurement of reading behaviour across multiple platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising.

Where will GDPR & POPIA leave digital marketing?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) officially came into force on 25 May, followed by its local cousin, POPIA in the second or third quarter of the year. You may be feeling this already – who hasn’t received a flood of Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy updates from around the world. Both GDPR and POPIA are set to dramatically change the way South African organisations do business – especially how personal data is handled and stored.

Has business lost the human touch in customer experience?

Even as technology improves and automation becomes more prevalent, most consumers globally still prefer human interaction. People engage daily with apps, self-service checkouts, websites and the like. But the minute something goes wrong they want to talk to a person.

PAMS is validated and live

After a period of intense data validation, The Publisher Research Council (PRC) is pleased to announce that the first ever Publisher Audience Measure Survey (PAMS) is live and available to all research and software bureaus. The data researches titles and brands.

What’s in a gif?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then, surely, a GIF must be worth a couple of thousand more? The GIF or GIF (because how to pronounce it remains one of the modern world’s greatest mysteries) is nothing new, having been introduced to the world all the way back in 1987 by Steve Wilhite.

Enterprise Foods | Steps for effective crisis communication

Organisations and their brands need to take consumers into their confidence when facing a crisis. Although this seems straight forward, it is rarely the case. Quite often corporates respond too late or hope the issue will not surface in the media or social media. In communications, this approach is a cardinal sin. 

Is your brand safe online?

A popular burger chain’s logo appears above an uncomfortable close-up of a naked woman on a porn site, while a food retailer’s banners appeared next to fake news articles on a highly disreputable website. Chances are these brands have no idea that their brand adverts are appearing in such brand damaging environments.

Brand and culture symbiosis

The reason for leadership to make building a purposeful culture a priority is not to have happy employees - nice as that is - but to inspire employees with the organisation’s purpose in order to deliver on the brand promise.

Will blockchain bring truth to marketing?

Mike Jones | Strategic Planning Director | NATIVE VML | mike@native.co.za | https://www.vml.com/native-vml/ |In many ways technology has brought about some growing pains to the...

Big data for human behavior

Hulya Balikci | Online Reputation Manager | NATIVE VML| hulya.balikci@native.co.za | www.vml.com |“Big Data” has became a popular term recently and it refers to the huge...
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