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Marketing strategies: stop winging marketing efforts

Whether they like it or not, all business owners engage in some form of marketing, but many neglect to adopt a strategic approach. It’s not surprising then that marketing was highlighted as the area in which most business owners feel they require skills training, according to the most recent National Small Business Survey by the National Small Business Chamber.

Corona clickbait!

This equation has been true in the media game for years. In theory it all makes sense. Editors and producers are incentivised to make content that appeals to the pallet of the majority of the population. Media owners pay top dollar to get the best writers, producers and editors who have the closest feel for what works in the world out there.

Martech megatrends

Digital marketers need to be on their toes this year as a range of new tech tools takes hold and consumer behaviour moves ever faster towards instant communication and results.

Quick and easy SEO tips for small business websites

You’ve built a website for your small business, and you’re justifiably proud of how professional it looks, how well it tells your brand story, and how wonderfully it showcases your products and services. Now, the next step is to get as many people as possible to visit it so that you can start engaging with them and grow your business.

International and local retail trends

The future is bright for those who respond the fastest to shifting consumer expectations. We hosted the third annual RCS Retail Summit that took place in Cape Town and Johannesburg towards the end of 2019.

A horse by the same name?

The Pretoria High Court has ordered the cancellation of many trade marks in the name of LA Group (Pty) Limited, including for POLO and logos which include a polo player and pony.  The court found that the marks were not distinctive and do not function as a badge of origin.    

Choice, mobility & convenience drive CX

Our research shows while the type of industry will greatly influence customer experience (CX), ultimately it is a matter of choice and first contact resolution. The importance of CX and the value a business places on the experience clearly depends on the industry – but when customers have the option to choose, CX becomes critical.

In-store retail tactics

Despite the global shift to digital marketing and mobile platforms, the unique African retail environment will rely on in-store experiences to drive sales for the foreseeable future. While retailers on the continent might be tempted to simply adopt best practices from the United States and the United Kingdom, those more developed markets do not have the same obstacles that exist locally.

Simple hacks to navigating client culture

Every family has a culture. That culture is reflected in the way that communication takes place, how they dress, what they eat and the type of humour that resonates for them. Any stranger entering that home for more than a few hours, will need to make it their business to read the environment so that they don’t offend anyone at worse case, or look strange at best.

Website audits could increase profits

Companies can become more profitable through website audits, it enables them to discover new revenue opportunities, uncover the most profitable areas of search and also shows their online presence profitability. Digital marketing should always start with an audit, it could benefit any business aiming to increase its online presence.



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