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Why some companies are more profitable for years longer than their...

New research shows a firm’s competitive advantage can last more than three times as long as previously believed and that companies with 'higher-order' resources can greatly outlast their competitors.

Grooming for funding and investment

Every successful business reaches a stage where it has to choose its growth path. Either you grow organically, using operational capital as and when it’s available or you use growth capital in order to scale up faster. If you are considering the fundraising route, there are a number of things you need to nail in order to be funding ready.

Labour Law | key changes in South Africa

South African labour laws are constantly evolving as the government seeks to balance stronger protections for employees with the need to create a business-friendly investment climate.

VIDCASTS | Tax expert Rob Cooper discusses Budget 2018

In this year’s Budget, I’d like to see a number of things: I would like to see attention being focused on travel allowances and taking the process of travel reimbursements to its logical conclusion. I would like to see the Employment Tax incentive Act continuing for the sake of the youth of the country… What I’m scared of in the Budget is the raising of personal income tax rates.

PixPlay in Frame

PixPlay gives ideas life through video - The specialist video producer captures and crafts video content which is suited for social media platforms, TV commercials and events.

Launch of BCX

Ian Russell | Chief Executive Officer | BCX | www.bcx.co.za | READ THE ARTICLE: BCX is driving disruption at the front line of technology and beyond  

Is South Africa in a Crisis?

https://youtu.be/EDwGX6dX8Xw Lesiba Mothata | Executive Chief Economist | Alexander Forbes | http://www.alexanderforbes.co.za/ | READ MORE: Dealing with credit rating downgrades

Let’s chat about HR bots

Ronnie Toerien | HCM Development & Strategy Leader | Oracle Africa | mail me | We’ve got used to doing all manner of tasks without needing...

SAICA – Ethics and Discipline Discussions Forum

Part 1 The Process after receiving a complaint. https://youtu.be/oZAwwreEUiM?list=PLuG9AdcCxNgtPIGGDj0YBV6px85IMHNKd Part 2 On the emerging front, being proactive https://youtu.be/X_16XB7xWPA?list=PLuG9AdcCxNgtPIGGDj0YBV6px85IMHNKd Part 3 Acting in a responsible way through the code  https://youtu.be/StApmGIQcEw?list=PLuG9AdcCxNgtPIGGDj0YBV6px85IMHNKd Part 4 The standard of prosecution https://youtu.be/D0zVVvplhl4?list=PLuG9AdcCxNgtPIGGDj0YBV6px85IMHNKd www.saica.co.za...

Code of Professional Conduct – PART 2

Interview PART 2 - Uli Schäckermann CA(SA) Juanita Steenekamp, SAICA Project Director: Non-IFRS Reporting and Governance interview with Uli Schäckermann on the Code of Professional...



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