REVIEW | Midland XT60 – 2-way radio still has long life

Walkie-talkies seem to be a relic of a bygone era, but they still offer tremendous benefits. Remember walkie-talkies? Before smartphones, they were a staple of crime and policing movies, and many thought they were among the most wonderful toys that boys could have.

Vinyl clambers over CD

When last did you slip a compact disc (CD) into a music system or a computer drive? Don’t answer that if you’re a die-hard who has held onto ancient technology. On the other hand, if you’ve held onto even older technology, you may be onto something. The latest report of the Recording Association of America (RIAA) reveals several astonishing trends in physical music formats.

REVIEW | Asus Tuf A1 – a hard bargain

Can an external hard drive speed up a gaming computer? If it’s the Asus Tuf A1, the answer is yes. The Tuf Gaming A1 is not an external hard drive, but an external enclosure that transforms into a hard drive that brings a data transfer speed normally not found on a computer.

REVIEW | Mate50 Pro puts Huawei on high road

The new flagship from Huawei has both a premium look and feel, and features to math. It is not often one sees strategy in action when using a new device. Especially in a smartphone, the manufacturer’s underlying strategy is usually teased out in specifications and software adaptations.

REVIEW | Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

One of the biggest stress in the lives of pet owners is feeding them when no one can be home. Now there’s a gadget for that. Just three years ago, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest launch pad for new gadgets, was set alight by a Wi-Fi enabled automatic pet feeder called Feeder-Robot, “designed to give every pet parent complete peace of mind”.

REVIEW | Epson TW7100 projector

Home projectors take on new meaning during the World Cup, especially when a crowd is watching. Think of the biggest white wall you have in your home, or that of any friends or family. Now imagine that entire wall turned into a movie screen. This is precisely the role a high-definition data projector plays in a home or office.

REVIEW | Best gadgets of 2022 [Part 2]

In the second part of my choice for the year, I delve into the full range of phones, from the low to the high end.

REVIEW | Best gadgets of 2022 [Part 1]

Innovations kept coming in 2022, and drives my choice of the year’s best tech. As consumers keep tightening their belts, manufacturers have to find new ways to convince them to go out and spend. As a result, the pace of innovation has speeded up, even as spending seems to slow down.

REVIEW | Nova 10 – Huawei blows up the selfie game

The new nova 10 has a front camera that, not long ago, would have done any smartphone’s main lens proud. Is it possible to redefine the selfie camera? Huawei makes a good argument, as it steps out with a new device that blows up the standard expectations for front lenses on a smartphone. Literally and figuratively.

REVIEW | Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2

On-the-spot printing from a smartphone. Printers are fare from extinct, and keep being reinvented, as the new Instax smartphone printer shows. Three years ago, Fujifilm startled the market with the Instax Mini Link, a portable printer designed specifically for smartphone photos. Now, it has released a second generation of the device, the Link 2, which draws on the learnings of the original, and adds enticing new features.


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