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Embracing the future of telephony

The fear of making wrong technology choices can delay critical transitions to modern innovative technologies. Business leaders need to keep abreast of the ever-evolving telephony market because communications is a key drivers for modern businesses.

Why your business no longer needs a PABX

Let’s face it, things have changed for business. They are not going to go back to the way they were. And we need new ways to manage the 'new normal', fast. Take for instance your office PABX system: A PABX (or PBX) is a company switchboard, that allows everyone in the company to make and receive calls from the same number(s), and transfer calls between each other. Sounds simple enough, right?

Preparing motorists and fleets for the AARTO Act

The Administration Adjudication of Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act is likely to be on every motorist’s mind, considering that it is set to be implemented on 1 July 2021, and especially considering the dramatic impact the Demerit system will have on drivers.

Compliant call recording unlocks a treasure of business benefits

While almost everyone has heard the phrase: 'This call may be recorded for quality control purposes', while waiting to speak to a business service representative or call centre operator, businesses are starting to appreciate that the effective and compliant recording of conversations has evolved from humble beginnings into a strategy to provide a strategic business advantage.

Energy decarbonisation: mapping a bold new direction for oil and gas...

The 'Decarbonisation Transition' is set to introduce an entirely new set of rules, challenges and opportunities. According to our latest research, Decarbonising Energy, from A to Zero, transforming the fossil fuel-based energy system to one that is sustainable and decarbonised is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and greatest opportunities to make global energy supplies more available and affordable than ever before.

The Suez Canal blockage – lessons to be learned

Insurers have been warning for years that the increasing size of vessels is leading to a higher accumulation of risk when something goes wrong. These fears are now being realised, with the MS Ever Given having blocked the Suez Canal for several days.

AfCFTA: how local importers and exporters can maximise the potential

With these words, a webinar on the new African Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was launched to discuss the importance of assessing the current trade relations with Africa, and how the new agreement will enable them to build on this. The AfCFTA, which came into force this year, is the largest trade agreement in the world, and aims to double intra-Africa by 2022.

Can ERP implementation happen remotely?

The changing global landscape has caused many businesses to seek out new ways of remote working. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) automation can help companies navigate business disruption caused by COVID-19, but can an effective ERP solution be delivered off-site?

Reinventing supply chains with digital platforms

It is time for the many pockets of digital progress to give way to digital transformation. Approximately three in five Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) are not only investing in digital solutions, but already scaling them – and surprisingly doing so rapidly enough to surpass other business functions.

Taking food standards to the next level

2020 has presented a myriad of new challenges for the food industry. Against a backdrop of increased demand, stringent safety measures, and the risk of shutdowns resulting from outbreaks, have converged to create a perfect storm.


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