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The 2021 upstream petroleum resources development bill

Total S.A.'s (Total) initial discovery just over two years ago of gas concentrate in the Outeniqua Basin (Brulpadda prospect, Block 11B/12B) offshore South Africa, a deposit reportedly containing around one billion barrels of oil equivalent, has placed a spotlight on the potential of South Africa's upstream oil and gas industry.

Reimaging, recreating and restoring our ecosystems

Life on earth is symbiotic, each component within the ecosystem plays a significant role – you only have to examine how the loss of the bee population today is affecting food systems – to be reminded of just how interconnected everything really is.

Impact sourcing – the power to transform business and uplift communities

With South Africa’s BPO industry voted the most favoured offshore CX delivery location in 2021 in the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory BPO Omnibus Survey, the burgeoning sector is well positioned to play a critical role in ‘Impact Sourcing’. 

Law must prevail and key corridors protected – the time to...

We strongly condemns the wanton destruction of the country’s key infrastructure, goods and property and the senseless loss of lives over the past week. We respect South Africa’s law and the Constitution, but it is time to take action. It is time for us to work together, make plans, implement those plans and ensure that our supply chains continue to operate.

The forecast is cloudy with a chance of AI

Creating a seamless performance means understanding your audience’s ever-changing needs, choosing the right tools, partners and systems, orchestrating this effort across global touchpoints, systems, people and processes, and adjusting on the fly, to create a best-in-class show for every customer.

Ways to mitigate the impact of poor road infrastructure on the...

No South African would contest the fact that many, though not all, of our roads are in a shocking state. For those responsible for the truck fleets that keep goods moving in, out and around the country, the state of our roads is an important factor that can impact both profitability and productivity.

World Population Day: Waste not, want not – is the world’s...

As the global population continues to increase, waste generation is threatening biodiversity and the planet as a whole. With the global population expected to significantly exceed nine billion people by 2050, of which some 2.5 billion will be living on the African continent, biodiversity is shrinking, even as the waste generated by billions of people grows exponentially.

Mitigating the risks of modern enterprise supply networks

In recent years, to meet customer and market expectations, supply chains have been reconfigured for agility, transparency and speed. Consumers want new and better products faster than ever. Consumers demand unprecedented real-time visibility into supply chains, whether to validate a product’s authenticity or sustainability credentials, or simply understand exactly when it will be delivered.

The state of the world 2050 for oil and gas leaders

Decarbonisation of the energy system, from a hydrocarbon-based to a sustainable, low-carbon energy system poses an existential threat to the oil and gas industry. On the other hand, it presents oil and gas companies with new portfolio opportunities to build adjacent businesses, shape and participate in new markets, and drive new sources of value from existing assets and capabilities.

Hyperpersonalisation (and increased customisation) reinvigorates ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation and now industry is leaning into technology that increasingly automates, integrates and harnesses collaboration between disparate business operations. As it does, IT leaders are putting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) firmly back on the boardroom table in large enterprises.


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