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Emerging workplace design influences

Around the world there is a growing rejection of purely efficiency-based office environments. It is giving way to offices principled in sustainability, community, diversity and lifestyle. 

Personal protective equipment is there to save lives

Failure to adhere to best practices in occupational health and safety can have adverse financial implications for companies. We have in recent times, seen lawsuits approaching R100 million lodged on behalf of workers who were not properly protected from the hazards inherent in their workplace.

Office space mistakes

The office you choose for your business has a direct impact on your employees, your clients, and of course your bottom line. But getting this incredibly important decision wrong could mean devastating consequences. 

Why sustainable IT equates to sustainable business

Although South African business leaders may feel somewhat besieged by bad news and murmurs of ‘unbearable’ Eskom tariff hikes, tech-fuelled innovation is providing business with new options to lower energy consumption.

Mining Charter III threatens livelihood of alluvial diamond mining industry

Mining Charter III (MCIII) heaps more pain on South Africa’s alluvial diamond producers who already face enormous cost burdens and high risks. This previously productive and successful small or junior diamond mining industry consists of just 180 remaining entrepreneurial mining operators employing around 5,000 people at an annual salary bill of R550 million.

Energy strategies should start with a profit-centric approach

With the long-awaited Carbon Tax Bill now expected to be implemented in June of 2019, businesses still have some time to develop new energy strategies that can help to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is agile working and why is it taking off?

Agile working, where employers offer fewer constraints and plenty of flexibility to an employee, is increasingly popular. But how should businesses adapt to this trend? 

Boost your business with smart delivery

Differentiate your business in the one way that customers value the most: deliver the goods on time. 

Competition essential to contain prices in electricity markets

A market for electricity has a salutary effect on the behaviour of all the participants in the generation and supply of electricity. Generating plants, transmission grids, distribution grids, wholesalers and retailers, all behave differently when they compete for business with alternative suppliers.

Oil and Gas digitisation taps opportunity?

Advanced digital technologies present new opportunities for oil and gas companies: to cut costs, unleash new innovation, and prepare them for the growing trend towards renewable energy.
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