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Unleashing the power of cross-functional collaboration

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, team-based work and cross-functional projects are rapidly replacing traditional organisational structures, with an increasing number of leading-edge organisations embracing collaboration-driven models.

Evolving a workforce strategy – introducing the 6R model

In the contemporary business environment, characterised by rapid technological advancements, globalisation, and shifting workforce dynamics, organisations face unprecedented challenges in workforce planning and management. Traditional models, focused primarily on headcount, no longer suffice as companies navigate the complexities of digital transformation, remote work, and an increasingly diverse and dynamic workforce.

Modernising operations & how to overcome the fear of change

Businesses are often hesitant to embrace change, particularly when it involves crucial operations. Many organisations and industries worry that upgrading their infrastructure could cause disruptions and downtime impeding productivity. The fear is not entirely unfounded, as it is often based on historical examples of unsuccessful and costly migrations.

How deregulation can unlock Africa’s telecom boom

We are providing new insights into the African telecom space with the release of a groundbreaking white paper, "The Independent Tower Industry as a Key Enabler of the Development of African Telecommunications." This first-of-its-kind study dives deep into the continent's telecoms landscape, analysing 14 key markets, including Egypt, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania, revealing a compelling link between tower deployment and mobile sector performance over the past decade (2010-2022).

May elections – crucial role of telecommunications security

With national election taking place this month, we are stressing the importance of robust telecommunications security to facilitate a successful electoral process. This priority reflects our commitment to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of communications systems during crucial democratic events.

Things you need to know before you start a property search

Against all odds, 2024 is still believed to be the year of the first-time homebuyer resurgence. And while it’s a slow climb to the top, a combination of low house prices, competitive bank interest rates and impending rate cuts has many aspiring homebuyers hungry to get into the property game.  

Is legal compliance enough to ensure sustainability in data centres?

South Africa is in the midst of a data centre boom. Thanks largely to improved connectivity, the number of local data centres has mushroomed over the past decade. In addition to regional players, big names such as AWS, Huawei, Google, and Microsoft have all invested heavily in local centres.

Microgrids meet remote operations’ energy requirements

As the world’s second largest continent, the vast expanse Africa lends itself to remote operations, often hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation and the hub of infrastructure and supply such as energy. Industries like mining, minerals and metals often must contend with considerable energy loss or high transportation costs of diesel (for self-generation) due to these vast distances.

Managing e-waste – a guide to responsible appliance disposal

e-Waste from electrical and electronic appliances and devices is becoming a major problem for South Africa. According to Gauteng’s government website, the country produces around 360,000 tons of e-waste every year, with the province accounting for 55% of that volume.

Decarbonisation – a net zero blueprint for your whole portfolio

Although decarbonising an investment portfolio is a multi-faceted, multi-stage exercise, it needn’t be complicated. Adding the dimension of sustainability – in this case, decarbonisation – to your portfolio construction process does not mean changing your approach entirely.


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