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Fake it till you make it

Businesses can now ensure a higher probability of developing products and services that are market-fit, much faster and more cheaply than ever before. This is made possible by creating ‘façades’ to test on customers before investing into product development.

South African vehicle owners overburdened by taxes

While the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on business and industrial landscapes, both locally and abroad, one of the industries that has had to adapt or die quickly is the automotive industry, in all its facets. This has meant rethinking the way it does business and what stimulus packages would help to get it firing on all cylinders again.

How key industries are successfully navigating digital transformation

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology – the speed and ease of the internet, and daily innovation that continues to disrupt business models. Across industries, we are starting to notice businesses of all sizes embrace the digital economy to create value, increase efficiency, and adapt to stay ahead of competitors.

Prepare now to handle a third wave!

Without rapid immunisation, many experts believe that South Africa will experience a third wave of COVID-19 by the coming autumn or winter. Although there is no clear-cut definition of what could constitute this surge it will become evident as we start to observe a continuous rise in new cases. 

BOOK REVIEW | Billions At Play

Talking about oil and gas isn’t easy, especially at a time of widespread anxiety about the link between fossil fuels and climate change. But NJ Ayuk has never been one to shy away from difficult conversations. Instead, he embraces opportunities to approach thorny questions head-on, with a spirit of optimism about the future.

Email security critical to ensure organisational survival

The lockdown has highlighted the importance of cybersecurity as an integrated business process especially given the normalisation of remote working. While the focus has been on safeguarding employee devices, email security has fallen by the wayside.

Companies need suitable connectivity to deliver a consistent CX

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the shortcomings of South Africa’s connectivity landscape, emphasising the fact that not all areas across the country have access to reliable, fast and stable bandwidth. As companies were forced to rapidly enable their workforces to work from home, it became abundantly clear that not all connectivity is equal.

Oil & gas – time to rethink licensing rounds

In late 2019, as the African oil and gas industry was looking to the future with optimism, an Offshore Engineer wrote that the continent had reason to expect a 'more productive 2020'. Instead, the unforeseen happened, and the COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on the oil and gas industry in Africa and around the world.

Water solutions to aid the most vulnerable

The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly illustrated how multiple water security risks affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across Africa, Kenya included. The pandemic has compounded the severity of the impacts resulting from water-related climate hazards, such as floods, droughts and cyclones. 

Gas won’t save South Africa’s economy

The ‘potential’ of recent gas finds has given rise to false claims that gas will generate economic prosperity for the country. The reality is that it will be at least a decade, possibly two, before we see any significant impact. In the meantime, the climate impacts will be huge, and we will lock ourselves in to a new fossil fuel system, which is expensive and unnecessary.


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