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How Web 3.0 is shaping the future of sustainability

Sustainable societies assume natural resources are finite and aim to practice environmental protection that promotes balance between humans and nature. Adapting sustainability measures can save money in addition to environmental impacts.

Fixing the organisation starts with competent quality practitioners

This paper argues that when organisations compete in conditions of a complex economy in turmoil, quality remains an important aspect of competitiveness. The key issue still remains as to how quality management is implemented and continually organised, rather than just delving in just quality issues. Although respective literature points out that quality be the responsibility of management, the question still remains as to how this responsibility is organised and executed and what the roles of the quality managers are.

Emerging technologies reshaping the modern enterprise

The convergence of enterprise technology trends will continue to profoundly transform all businesses and unlock potential for innovation, our 2020 Tech Trends report reveals. The report, and accompanying insights from our annual CIO survey and Tech Trend that give a global view of trends was launched at a pan-African virtual event we hosted, with more than 500 sub-Saharan clients and employees on 21 July 2020.

The 2021 upstream petroleum resources development bill

Total S.A.'s (Total) initial discovery just over two years ago of gas concentrate in the Outeniqua Basin (Brulpadda prospect, Block 11B/12B) offshore South Africa, a deposit reportedly containing around one billion barrels of oil equivalent, has placed a spotlight on the potential of South Africa's upstream oil and gas industry.

Hedging loadshedding

The latest round of load-shedding has focused attention on the cost of running generators during power outages, in particular mitigating the effects of volatile diesel prices.

Good water management for profit and performance

Water is a vital and scarce resource. Many businesses, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing, mining and agriculture, use water as part of their core output processes. Practically, every business relies on water to help maintain them, from flushing toilets to boiling kettles to cleaning services. Water is an inextricable business cost.

Re-engineering the document management system

As we move further into the digital age, paperless systems are becoming a more appealing way to deal with document management and storage. Instead of physical filing systems and cabinets taking up space, a document management system (DMS) enables you to store and organise your important documents in an electronic archive that only permissioned users to access and edit.

Working from home – the other data breach

This has been a year of disruption, confusion and now a new ‘normal’. COVID-19 is here for the foreseeable future, and that means humans need to adapt to new circumstances like Working from Home (WFH). Almost every industry has embraced this as an effective way of keeping staff safe, remaining operational and controlling costs during global economic downturn.

The Suez Canal blockage – lessons to be learned

Insurers have been warning for years that the increasing size of vessels is leading to a higher accumulation of risk when something goes wrong. These fears are now being realised, with the MS Ever Given having blocked the Suez Canal for several days.

The role of a cool roof to help reduce the country’s...

Several years after the famed signing of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there is still much progress to be made on the road to a more sustainable world. Having signed the agreement, South Africa is facing hotter and drier summers, and continued high levels of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the rest of Africa.


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