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Collaboration post-COVID-19 pandemic makes the office essential

While some aspects of office life may be replicated as we work from home, there are some instances where it can’t be replaced. Do you miss the office? You’re not alone.

REPORT | Supply chain visibility and personalisation key drivers of growth

Chief executives at leading grocery retailer and consumer goods companies see supply chain visibility and personalisation as key drivers of growth, according to a new joint research paper we released together with PwC. The report interviewed 16 leaders from the consumer goods industry and identified what they envisioned for the future.

SA needs energy performance legislation sooner rather than later

As the winter season tightens its icy grip on South Africa, so the prospect of continued load shedding looms ever larger. And while some organisations have put measures in place to reduce energy demand in their buildings, most are not as energy efficient as they could be.

How flexible workspaces can enhance the circular economy

The idea that every morning office workers wake early, jump into polluting cars and overcrowded trains, and travel many miles to their place of work will soon seem inconceivable. The pandemic has highlighted the fact, that it as a model that’s already had its day.

COVID-19 compliance – where does alcohol fit in for businesses?

Since March 2020, South Africans have had to comply with various COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the government to contain the spread of the virus. To this end, businesses have dealt with limitations on capacity and their operational hours, while patrons must meet face mask and sanitisation requirements.

Unlock new avenues for growth through digitisation

As the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic washes over our country, businesses must continue to look for new ways of working which will unlock value not just for themselves but for their clients as well.

Network vandalism – stopping us from connecting our people

In our mission of digital empowerment for all our people in South Africa, we face a constant battle against vandalism of network sites around the country. The scale of the problem is enormous, and the cost of repairing and protecting our sites affects our ability to roll out connectivity in areas that need it most.

The 2021 upstream petroleum resources development bill

Total S.A.'s (Total) initial discovery just over two years ago of gas concentrate in the Outeniqua Basin (Brulpadda prospect, Block 11B/12B) offshore South Africa, a deposit reportedly containing around one billion barrels of oil equivalent, has placed a spotlight on the potential of South Africa's upstream oil and gas industry.

Reimaging, recreating and restoring our ecosystems

Life on earth is symbiotic, each component within the ecosystem plays a significant role – you only have to examine how the loss of the bee population today is affecting food systems – to be reminded of just how interconnected everything really is.

Impact sourcing – the power to transform business and uplift communities

With South Africa’s BPO industry voted the most favoured offshore CX delivery location in 2021 in the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory BPO Omnibus Survey, the burgeoning sector is well positioned to play a critical role in ‘Impact Sourcing’. 


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