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Fri, Aug 12, 2022

Modern ERP driving integration and process excellence

In today’s fast moving, quick changing, increasingly competitive business environment, good enough is no longer good enough. Manufacturers must achieve enterprise-wide visibility, total collaborate, agility and flexibility to respond to a changing market and grow.

The tools needed for success in the hybrid working environment

One of the phrases that emerged in the last two years as more companies adopted remote working was 'the new normal.' At the time, most of us took that to mean that – along with having to wear masks and sanitise our hands at every opportunity – businesses that found they could continue operations on a remote working basis would continue to do so in perpetuity.

Essential considerations for the return to the hybrid workplace

Two years since the world shut down and companies and employees scrambled to set up work-from-home, we are once again in a transition period as the world opens up a little and organisations grapple with how they will organise their workforce.

Renewable energy solutions – SMEs are being left in the dark

Although Eskom and government provide support for large renewable energy projects designed to bridge the power gap on a number of levels, there is still an important piece missing from these initiatives.

Returning to workplaces not just about ‘getting bums on seats’

As governments urge employers to get their people back in the workplace and so maximise office space and boost ‘post-pandemic’ service/retail economies, the focus should not just be on ‘getting bums on seats’. We have called for managers to meet the challenges of a new world of work with flexibility and creativity.

Measuring the EPC rating of a building

As the name suggests, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a measure of the energy efficiency performance of a building. And while it is still too early to judge its impact (deadline for certification is December this year), it has massive potential to act as impetus to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

Pay less with waste heat recovery

Businesses that rely heavily on refrigeration for their day-to-day operations are painfully aware that even the slightest inefficiencies can make a significant impact on their electricity costs, which is why ensuring these systems always perform at an optimal level must be a priority.

Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain

We have announced new research findings from our latest global research survey, ‘Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain’, which explores the challenges and solutions to ongoing supply chain disruptions that manufacturers and distributors face today.

Key considerations towards adopting a hybrid work strategy

The hybrid working model will likely become the new standard operating model for many organisations in various industries. However, there are still significant concerns to address before it is successful. Whether it is employee connectivity, access to back-end systems, and cybersecurity to name a few, companies must rethink how they approach this digitally-driven environment.

Africa’s energy transition – finding the right mix to drive economic...

There is a saying; ‘oil and water don’t mix’. While that may be true on a meta-physical level, it isn’t true when it comes to Africa’s energy needs. With the population of the continent expected to double by 2100 this creates a daunting energy challenge, combined with rising expectations of improved resilience and sustainability.


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