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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Impending labour legislation

Parliament’s Select Committee on Economic and Business Development has passed a series of Labour Bills: National Minimum Wage Bill (B31-2017), Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill (B30-2017), Labour Relations Amendment Bill (B32-2017), Labour Laws Amendment Bill (B29-2017). The Bills were initially tabled in Parliament in 2017. In summary, the bills deal with a broad range of labour issues

Can you dismiss an employee for refusing a plan to avoid...

Is it fair to dismiss an employee for refusing to comply with a recovery plan that was implemented to avoid mass retrenchment?

e-commerce the ‘new frontier for VAT’

It is no secret that tax systems around the world are struggling to keep pace with the digitisation of commerce and South Africa too, after an initially pro-active stance towards taxing e-commerce, was arguably starting to fall behind in this 'new frontier for VAT'.

Competition Act and non-compete clauses

In the case of Dawn Consolidated Holdings Pty Ltd (Dawn) and others versus the Competition Commission, the Competition Appeal Court (CAC) had to consider whether a non-compete clause in a shareholder’s agreement contravened the Competition Act, and laid down some guidance for determining whether agreements exhibit the character of anti-competitive conduct.


The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) introduced digital financial reporting via XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)on July 1, 2018.

Early career choice for women a must

Other than the structural issues our society faces, one factor that has been fueling the existing gender pay gap in South Africa is the educational and career choices young women make.

Steps women need to take to prepare for longevity

Many people find planning for retirement challenging, but retirement planning for women can be particularly tricky. This isn’t because women are any less capable of planning for the future than men, or less interested in saving. Rather, it’s as a result of one simple reality – women tend to live longer than men.

Job deprivation rules crushing the jobless!

Much is written about inequality, decrying high salaries paid by companies to their executives as being one of its main causes, while no consideration is given, or attention paid to the plight of the unemployed. Those who earn zero! Why is government grinding them into the ground with job deprivation laws?

Supply chains cannot be shrunk into greatness

Barloworld Logistics - Why outsourcing can unlock value in tough economic times - Smart Supply Chain Solutions

Executive women advancement lagging

Despite some organisations taking steps to boost the number of women at executive level, progress is still slow. The proportion of women to men in executive roles is still low, with only one female CEO among the JSE top 40 companies. These are some of the findings from PwC Executive Directors Practices Remuneration Report 2018.
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