Naspers delivers Ecommerce profitability, 18% revenue growth and US$836m free cash...

It has been a standout year for the Group. Naspers simplified its Group structure, delivered improvements across all core performance metrics and achieved Ecommerce profitability six months ahead of target. Operating businesses have performed well, accelerating profitable growth, while the open-ended buyback programme continues to deliver value for our shareholders every day. The rapid deployment of AI-led technologies across the Naspers ecosystem is generating real results and will set the next frontier of value creation for the Group. Naspers has a strong balance sheet and is well positioned to generate improved returns through smart and disciplined capital allocation, driving value for all stakeholders. 

Chartered Accountants – future-proof and agile?

Having recently moved from Johannesburg to Toronto I have fielded a flurry of questions from colleagues and if I’m being honest, around the weight of our qualification. Can we have both global mobility and success? Are we future-proofed? Do we need to reinvent ourselves to remain agile?

No respite for coffee lovers as higher global prices stoke local...

South Africa’s consumer continued to breathe a sigh of relief as headline inflation steadied to 5.2% y/y in May 2024 according to Statistics South Africa. Food inflation however decelerated further to 4.3% y/y in May 2024 from 4.4% in April 2024 underpinned by declines in bread and cereals, milk, eggs and cheese, oils and fats, and sugar, sweets, and desserts prices. Drilling deeper into the data shows a continued stickiness on the upside for coffee products.

BOOK REVIEW | 10 Golden Stars to Leadership Excellence

Embark on a transformative journey as you discover the wisdom, tools, and strategies to become a leader of substance and stature. This book is underpinned by Dr Dreyer’s decades of experience, collaborations with world-renowned institutions, neuroscientific insights, and real-life success stories.

Working to your human strengths in an AI-driven world of work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now firmly in the mainstream as workplaces and jobs begin to undergo a transformation that is both daunting and exhilarating. According to the Future of Work Report 2024, over 95% of global business leaders agree that AI will profoundly influence how companies deliver services.

BOOK REVIEW | The Dirty Secrets of the Rich and Powerful

In 2018, the world watched as 82 per cent of all wealth created was claimed by the top 1 per cent of the global population. The bottom 50 per cent of humanity saw no increase at all. While one new billionaire was created every two days, one in every four South Africans were living on less than R18 per day – not enough to buy a loaf of bread.

Why business owners should work with IFAs

In today’s complex financial landscape, business owners need more than just insurance policies. Business owners need the comprehensive, unbiased advice that can only come from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) to create a holistic financial plan. It is important to understand the distinction between a ‘tied agent’ and an IFA.

Diamonds are forever – the case for investing in the luxury...

In recent years, market uncertainty has become the norm, leaving most investors actively searching for opportunities that offer them stability and long-term growth potential while limiting volatility in the face of constantly shifting economic sands. Against this backdrop, the luxury goods sector has emerged as a compelling investment opportunity for investors.

The three apples that changed our world

Three iconic apples have profoundly shaped human behaviour over the centuries. It began with Eve's fateful bite, symbolising our innate temptation for social status. Then came Newton's apple, revealing the gravitational forces that exist between objects and people. Finally, there was Steve Jobs' Apple, putting a powerful handheld window to the world in our palms - allowing us to seamlessly connect, purchase, and share our lifestyles like never before.

Backcasting to the future

In Sci-Fi, the Grandfather Paradox hypothesises that if one should travel into the past and change certain key events, the future will also be changed or even become unrecognisable. But what if we turn this hypothesis on its head, defining a desirable future and then reverse engineer the requisite actions to achieve this future? Unlike the Grandfather Paradox which, as far as we know, only lives in Sci-Fi movies and novels, backcasting is completely possible.


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