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Building greater cyber resilience in renewables

The wider renewables industry is realising the criticality of cybersecurity in holistic asset resilience. Since many of the systems currently in use were built prioritising efficiency over security, cybersecurity now poses a serious challenge for renewables operators.

Youth Day: Entrepreneurship, the buzzword without a causal effect

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the discovery and exploitation of opportunities. One identifies a need and comes up with a solution to remedy the problem, on a great scale whilst making a profit. Easy to define but not so easy to execute.

Customary marriages and ‘izibizo’: is tradition becoming extortion?

South African Customary Law consists of various customs, traditions and practices that are carried out, including during the process of getting married. It forms part of the observations of culture and traditions that date back decade upon decade.

Exports – the potential engine of South Africa’s economic recovery

Exports could hold the key to South Africa’s economic recovery and growth. South Africa is experiencing a record trade surplus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic with our exports far outpacing imports. Recent data released by the South African Revenue Service showed that South Africa recorded a trade surplus of R51.4 billion in April 2021, surpassing market expectations of R31 billion.

The skills needed to protect a digitally-driven organisation

The normalisation of remote working and increased business adoption of cloud technologies have significantly increased the cyberattack surface putting every company at risk of compromise. With more than 10% of internet user computers worldwide experiencing at least one malware-class attack last year and Kaspersky solutions blocking over 665 million attacks launched from online resources in various countries, cybersecurity skills are now more in demand than ever.

Outmanoeuvring uncertainty and accelerating COVID-19 recovery

As the health and humanitarian impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic evolve, so do the business and economic challenges. Organisations looking to balance their immediate needs with longer-term opportunities will see the trade-offs play out across three waves of impact – the Now, the Next, and the Never Normal.

SARS should give crypto investors more carrot and less stick

It has been more than three years since SARS’s media statement on cryptocurrencies. In this statement, SARS said that it would apply 'normal income tax rules' to cryptocurrencies when assessing whether a gain is revenue or capital in nature, and that crypto assets are not seen as currency for income tax purposes.

How the whiskey market has changed during COVID-19 times

Brands in all sectors of the economy have come through COVID-19 with varying degrees of success. The liquor industry was of course hard hit, but through it we (as a brand) have learned a lot about consumer behaviour. In fact, the purchase-behaviour spinoffs we’ve seen as a direct result of COVID-19 restrictions have been very interesting.

MultiChoice multiplies profits

Be careful of introducing bias into your investment decisions. You may have cancelled DSTV in favour of Netflix, but that doesn't mean everyone has done so. It reminds me of the Great Facebook Boycott of 2020, which was barely a pimple in Facebook's overall performance. It's really important to take emotions out of your investment decisions.

Resilient employees make for resilient businesses

New research highlights that now, more than ever, employee mindsets really matter. As COVID-19 continues to reshape our world, business leaders are asking themselves how they can protect  their organisations against future crises and remain sustainably successful amid unrelenting change and uncertainty in a post-pandemic world.


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