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BOOK REVIEW | Betting on a Darkie

Mteto Nyati knew years ago as a schoolboy in Mthatha, working behind the counter at his mother’s trading store, that he wanted to fix and build things. After completing his studies in mechanical engineering at Natal University, he turned down a Rhodes scholarship and headed for Johannesburg to take up a position at Afrox.

A commercial property value investor or a market investor?

Now is the perfect opportunity to become a value investor in commercial and industrial property and to ditch the generalist market investor approach. For the past few years, most physical industrial and commercial properties have shown good capital appreciation and income returns, and many investors took to purchasing any available commercial or industrial property.

Moving into the digital space: electronic COCs

The digital domain has evolved into a world of its own, endless online opportunities have been availed for various processes which were previously traditionally facilitated. Although these methods themselves have not changed much, society has, and it is vital that we also keep up with the times.

Prevent retirement income erosion from rising medical aid costs

It is, statistically, an inescapable part of life that our medical costs and expenses will rise considerably as we become older. Retirees who are drawing down fixed incomes must deal with escalating costs of medical aid and expense shortfalls, creating a significant challenge in coping with erosion of their income at a rate that outstrips the growth of their invested capital.

Property-sector transformation: the road is long, but clear

Property, and the ownership of land, is an emotive topic in South Africa. While progress towards redressing inequality in land ownership and the property sector could be far quicker, the good news is that we know where we stand, and property offers unique prospects for achieving real social change. 

SI success judged by vendor relationships

The majority of IT projects fail. According to research published by The Standish Group, of more than 50,000 IT projects between 1992 and 2004, only 29 percent were deemed successful. This problem has not lessened - consultancies such as Forrester and McKinsey regularly note a 70% failure rate among transformation projects. So even though technology procurement and delivery is changing, why hasn’t the failure rate lessened?

Trust is key to digital transformation

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Trust is what every business is built on – the brand promise, the quality of products and solutions, and ultimately, client relationships are based on trust.

The NHI wrecking ball entrenches SA’s terminal illness

The latest iteration of the NHI Bill has confirmed what South Africans have known for more than a decade: that taxes will need to rise to fund the government’s unworkable and unfeasible NHI scheme. During these dire economic times, the NHI tax will be the final nail in the coffin for cash-strapped consumers struggling to make ends meet.

Internal audit require greater representation on the board

A plethora of corporate governance codes has been written across the world, and in spite of their recommendations which inter alia seek to protect stakeholder interests and shareholder value, many governance failures and organisational collapses continue seemingly unabated.

BOOK REVIEW | After Dawn: Hope After State Capture

In October 2015, the Gupta brothers offered Mcebisi Jonas the position of minister of finance in exchange for R600 million. Then deputy minister of finance, Jonas turned down the bribe and a period of deep introspection followed for him.
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