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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Digital connectivity impact on Africa’s industrial and economic development

Will automation, artificial intelligence and robotics – or as it’s been called, the ‘rise of the machines’ – really reduce the value of people and their roles as meaningful contributors to society? Or will it unlock new avenues for creating value and new opportunities, which may manifest in greater industrial and economic futures for societies in Africa?

Best business travel APPs

These days there’s an app for just about everything. From everyday apps to help you get around, like Uber and Google Maps, to the more bespoke and sometimes bizarre ones like Carr Matey to locate your car in a pirate voice, which just about says it all. The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was around 197 billion, according to Statista.

Controlled Foreign Companies | proposed amendments

South Africa's tax legislation contains controlled foreign company (CFC) rules which aim to prevent South African taxpayers from locating companies in low tax jurisdictions in an effort to avoid paying South African tax.

True Accounting | a Cash Converters Case Study

In this case study, Engela van Loggerenberg, Group Financial Manager of Cash Converters SA, reveals how they help their franchisees deal with the business accounting function. In our franchise business, our customers are our franchisees so we need to ensure that we offer them added value in return for their commitment to our brand. By 2012, it was clear to us that a lot of our franchise owners had bought into the brand because they thrived on the operational side of the business and loved and understood the business model.

Financial planning | merging man and machine

Technology is changing the playing fields in business – and in the financial planning environment in particular, can allow intermediaries to enhance their business operations and their client engagement. On the other hand, the human element is similarly important – for insight, holistic thinking and a trusted relationship. Optimally combining the two, in a well-considered and complementary way, can mean greater efficiency, greater productivity and more satisfied clients. But the key is to get it right. 

Buzz | here comes another acronym!

There have been a number of buzzwords trending in the Human Resources space over the years all with the explicit outcome of holding onto employees and ensuring that your organisation is a cool place to work. In my time I have seen the buzzwords (and related strategies) progress from 'Retention' to 'Attraction and Retention' to 'Engagement' to 'Employee Value Proposition' (EVP) and now 'Employee Experience' (EX). But isn’t EX just another way of saying EVP? And isn’t that the same as Employee Engagement?

REVIEW | Sony XA2 Ultra, Big and Bold

Sony has gone big, and on a budget, with the new Xperia Xa2 Ultra. It is big, and I mean a big device. Sony has crafted a very high end looking and feeling smartphone with a massive six-inch screen and extended battery. The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra may not fit in your pocket, but its price will not leave your pocket empty. Steven Ambrose plays on with the Xperia XA2 Ultra.

Corporate arrogance | is there an antidote?

In an ideal world, successful private companies would distribute their wealth responsibly among stakeholders. Instead, many companies allow the unchecked pursuit of financial success to distort their thinking and their values, leading to extremes of wealth accumulation. In our materialistic society, displaying financial success is accepted, even overtly encouraged. However, many such habits lead to a deadly culture of arrogance and a (barely concealed) disdain for those who are less successful.

Deloitte | Legal Management Consulting (LMC)

Organisations need their legal teams to keep pace with the commercial needs of the business—while at the same time, legal departments are increasingly being asked to do more with the same or fewer resources. Deloitte is proud to announce the launch of their new strategic global offering, Legal Management Consulting (LMC). LMC is a new approach and a new discipline, developed for lawyers by lawyers in co-operation with experts in fields such as technology and strategy.

Global Consumer survey says AI is the future

PwC's latest Global Consumer Insights survey, assesses the shopping behaviour, habits and expectations of over 22,000 consumers in 27 countries, including 1,000 from South Africa. Almost a third (32%) of consumers surveyed globally by PwC plan to buy an AI device, including robots or automated assistants, with retailers watching closely as ‘voice commerce’ develops in the home. In South Africa, 44.3% stated they plan to buy an AI device in the near future.
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