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South Africa is not capitalist, but needs to be!

To say that South Africa is a capitalist society is popular among journalists, politicians, and trade unionists. If capitalism is understood to mean a system of free and voluntary engagement without third-party interference, the notion that South Africa is capitalist is false.

Don’t doctor sick notes!

In business and labour, sick notes are of utmost importance, they play a far bigger role in effective HR management than many realise. Misunderstanding of the basic function of the sick note can lead to problems in terms of people management.

Legal conclusion of a customary marriage related to lobola and hand-over...

It is traditional wedding season and the controversial customary marriage topic is relevant as it affects many families in South Africa. With the inequality report released last week showing that women earned about 30% less on average than men, what are the repercussions of this to the dynamic of these relationships?

Religious holidays | What are your rights?

With Easter and various other public holidays imminent in March and April, most South African employees are anticipating a few days’ off from their daily work routines. But, this period also raises the question about other 'religious holidays' and the stance of labour law on these.

Dereliction of duty charges must be proven

Dereliction of duty is a charge that is tempting for employers to use especially when they are angry with the employee concerned.

REVIEW | Xqisit oE400 travelling quietly

Headphones come in all shapes sizes and forms. Travelling can be infinitely more enjoyable if the noise and chatty neighbours can be tuned out. Sound cancelling headphones are a dime a dozen, so when a well-priced well-made and ultimately good sounding set comes along, that is a real win.

Implications of BBBEE Commission investigations of ownership trusts?

The BBBEE Commission announced that it has initiated 17 investigations for possible contraventions of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (BBBEE Act).  Six cases deal...

The VAT increase and the sale of residential property

An increase in the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate to 15% will came into effect on 1 April 2018. Generally, the sale of residential property is subject to transfer duty, however, if a seller is a VAT vendor, such as a property developer, VAT may be payable. How will the VAT increase effect the sale of residential property, where a property is purchased before 1 April but transfer only occurs after the date of the increase?

REVIEW | Hisense Infinity H30

Hisense has been making mobile phones for several years, and they have always represented excellent value and quality. Their latest flagship the H30 and its little brother the H30 Lite are aiming higher while still retaining good value and quality. Midrange phones are plentiful in the market, and the new Hisense H30 is targeted at fashion-conscious tech-savvy consumers.

Percentage of women in senior roles in South Africa creeps up

But no women at all in senior roles in 20% of SA businesses, is concerning. Although almost one third (29%) of senior roles in South Africa are now filled by women, one in five local businesses (20%) still have no women at all in senior positions. These are among the findings of the 2018 Grant Thornton International Business Report focused specifically on research regarding Women in Business.


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