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Hisense has been making mobile phones for several years, and they have always represented excellent value and quality. Their latest flagship the H30 and its little brother the H30 Lite are aiming higher while still retaining good value and quality.

Midrange phones are plentiful in the market, and the new Hisense H30 is targeted at fashion-conscious tech-savvy consumers.

Hisense is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and has a long history of consumer electronics and white goods. Hisense has a factory in Atlantis in the Cape and manufactures a range of appliances and TV’s specifically designed for the South Africa Market.

The Mobile range has been developing over the past few years and now are broadly available in South Africa and around the world.

The hardware

The Hisense H30 is a slim well-made candy bar shaped device which comes in two colours an Ice blue, that looks very green to a Violet Ocean or purple case. The look and feel of the device is very high end with rounded edges and a full front screen

The screen is a 6.5” IPS display with a teardrop notch for the front-facing selfie camera. The screen stretches from edge to edge and offers FHD+ resolution and great colours and brightness. The screen is easy to read in bright light, and the colour accuracy makes social media and your pictures look vivid and alive.

The camera

The H30, in combination with the newly released MediaTek Helio P70 processor, more about his processor later, offers full AI functionality for the dual rear cameras. The H30 can identify 16 different scenarios and optimise the camera for each. In actual use, the H30 performed as well as far more expensive devices and consistently identified and optimised a wide range of objects that I took pictures of.

The dual rear cameras are 20MP primary lenses with a 2MP depth sensing lens offering the background blurring effect for portraits. Once again, this combination provided excellent resolution, and the results were well executed and still almost as good as much more expensive devices.

The 20 MP selfie camera showed a little softening, on the flattering side, and excellent brightness. The beauty shot mode is variable from slight flattering to cartoon smooth, your choice.

The H30 also offers 4 Gig Ram or main memory and 128GB of storage, which is class leading in this range. Overall performance was good, and the H30 rarely struggles with all tasks some heavy games showed a little lag and slowdown, but overall the experience is fluid and smooth

The key to the latest features is the MediaTek Helio P70 processor. The MediaTek Helio P70 incorporates a powerful Arm Cortex-A73/A53 octa-core CPU complex with an Arm Mali-G72 class GPU. Like far more expensive processors from other manufacturers.

There’s support for 20:9 displays at Full HD+ resolution that allow modern smartphone designs with full fascia coverage, such as in the H30.

MediaTek uses the latest TSMC 12nm FinFET production process, which uses up to 15% lower power than other 14nm-class products.

The Hisense H30 also offers a massive battery of 4530 mAh which easily gave me three days of usage with lots of navigation game playing and picture taking. The combination of a massive battery and the MediaTek AI power saving modes which as fully enabled in Android 9 was very impressive. This is one of the longest lasting big screen devices I have used.

There is also an 8-function smart button on the left which allows modes switching, camera switching from front to back and a few other useful options. The button is app sensitive, and its function changes with the app in use. Often these buttons are hardly used, but I found this button useful and handy.

There is also facial recognition using the front camera and a quick, sensitive fingerprint sensor placed in the right spot on the rear of the phone.

The software

The Hisense H30 runs Android 9, which is the latest version of Android, right out of the box. Hisense have kept their version of Android 9 mostly stock complete with Android 9 gestures and all the standard Android apps.

Hisense has added some exciting software such as the Mobile Manager which optimises and cleans your phone along with Opera Mini browser which is well known to be data efficient and fast on mobile devices


The competition in the mid to lower range has never been fiercer. There are tons of unknown and known brands such as Samsung and Huawei that have offerings in the R4,000.00 to R6,000.00 price range. The key is to find a device that offers a great balance of quality features and great usability.

Hisense has with the H30 offered all the high-end features such as an advanced AI processor and dual AI camera subsystem with smart processor enhanced photography that punches way above its price range and features such as fingerprint readers and facial recognition that make using the H30 a pleasure.

Once all that technical goodness inside is coupled with a good looking and a well-made outside and that large sharp and colourful screen, the price of R5,499.00, found on the web, seems almost too good to be true.

My time with the H30 has been a bit of a revelation. Often stepping down from a flagship device to a good midrange device is an exercise in compromise. With the Hisense H30, I often found myself getting on with things and taking pictures and almost forgetting that this was not a top end device.

The Hisense H30 is available from operators and retailers across the country and is a really good full-featured phone at a competitive price. Hisense has upped the game in this price bracket with the H30.

As always try it out before you buy.

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