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The digital tightrope walk for business & human rights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation but also presents significant challenges and risks, especially concerning human rights and corporate governance.

Automating business processes through the power of AI

Most mid-sized to large organisations in South Africa have made significant investments in IP-based surveillance systems, with a heavy focus on detecting and preventing crime. From warehouses, factory floors and offices to shops and parking lots, organisations have blanketed their properties with digital cameras for security reasons.

If AI has a dark side, it’s us

Artificial intelligence (AI) has loomed large in our world recently. With it have come dire predictions of humanity’s impending doom – or at least, the end of our careers. But does AI want to do us in? Does it really have a dark side?

The importance of accelerated underwriting

The adoption of accelerated, or automated underwriting, which uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to evaluate risk and underwrite life insurance, has been limited to date. This can partly be attributed to insurers cautiously rolling out automated decision-making, opting instead for small-scale improvements to risk frameworks.

Biometrics – safer than a password?

It is widely acknowledged that biometric technology is the most secure and accurate way of authenticating and verifying an individual. Biometrics comprise a set of technologies and processes used to recognise, authenticate, and identify people based on certain physical or behavioural characteristics.

Is AI driving or defying our freedom?

Freedom comes with responsibility. To be free (to have the power and right to act, speak and think as we wish), is to be responsible for the freedom of others. Freedom means respect for those who are also living free. It asks us to stand up and be accountable. But can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be accountable when even we, as humans, can find this challenging?

Aviation industry: trends enabling better customer experiences

As digital transformation continues to evolve the business landscape, the market remains fiercely competitive for businesses and brands – especially when it comes to customer loyalty and retention. One industry where this rings especially true is aviation, where customers’ requirements for on-demand access to expert airline consultants must be met through a variety of channels when navigating their travel experience.

REVIEW | Hisense Infinity H30

Hisense has been making mobile phones for several years, and they have always represented excellent value and quality. Their latest flagship the H30 and its little brother the H30 Lite are aiming higher while still retaining good value and quality. Midrange phones are plentiful in the market, and the new Hisense H30 is targeted at fashion-conscious tech-savvy consumers.


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