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Sun, Mar 7, 2021

IBOR reform has significant implications for SA’s financial industry

Since 2017, Interbank Offered Rate (IBOR) reform has been on the cards in many markets around the world. The use of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) as a benchmark, is set to be discontinued.

The challenges and opportunities for manufacturing CFOs now and in the...

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on massive changes to the manufacturing industry, which has had to adapt to new operating models, an evolving consumer market, and disruptions in supply chain processes, all while keeping the workforce safe and healthy.

How SAP helps companies use data to build trust

If trust is the most important currency in modern business, then data is the gold that underpins that currency. Organisations that operate on incomplete, inaccurate or disparate data will find it impossible to consistently build and maintain trust with customers, partners and employees.

Culture shift in the finance function

Digital technologies have not only altered the way in which financial services and operations are delivered, but also caused a culture shift in Finance. The role of finance executives and professionals has changed from bean counter, to information broker and more, causing people to relate in new ways according to their expanded roles.

Top 35-under-35 2020: meet the winners

The Top-35-under-35 competition was launched by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) in 2014 to recognise its young CA(SA) achievers. It has proven to be a huge success in recognising and promoting young CAs(SA) under the age of 35 who are not just achieving extraordinary results in their professional capacity, but also have a significant impact on society.

The concept of materiality and the need to embrace it

There are numerous other variations and forms of the above concept, but one clear common theme is that materiality represents a threshold, a gate-keeper and a clear reference to a quantum above which more discretion and judgement may be required.

Timely payments key to SMME survival in challenging economy

Despite a legal requirement that invoices and claims be paid within 30 days or within the period contractually agreed upon, a Public Service Commission (PSC) report has revealed that South African small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) are owed billions in unpaid invoices by government departments.

Markets cheer US elections

Like a good Hollywood thriller, the US election kept us in suspense all week with plenty of plot twists and turns. Billions of people around the world spent days glued to their screens, as the vote count was drawn out by a high voter turnout and a large increase in mail-in ballots.

We need more time Minister Patel!

The DTI has failed business in exchange for being BBBEE politically correct! The Department of Trade and Industry have shown an astonishing naivete at best and total disregard at worst for business sustainability, in not extending current BBBEE certificates for at least a year, because of COVID-19.

Buying out your business partner

Business partnerships end for a number of reasons. Some are friendly and in the best interest of both parties - while others reach a bitter, nasty end. Even the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdown has forced directors to evaluate their interests and involvement.


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