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The global cognitive distortion of panic and COVID-19

Where did all the toilet paper go? Snapshots of empty store shelves, low levels of storable staples like rice and noodles and city-states raising emergency levels has served to escalate panic buying and even shop-raiding in some parts of the world.

COVID-19 investment note: the coronavirus shocks

The global economy has been hit by five shocks as the coronavirus spread rapidly. This could not have been predicted, though with hindsight the market was initially much too complacent. The situation is so uncertain now that a strategy based on trying to predict the future is bound to get it wrong.

Coronavirus investment note: uncertainty deepens

There is a distinct lack of good news at the moment, and certainty is in short supply. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Europe, the Middle East and North America, and we have to assume it will continue spreading at a rapid rate.

Coronavirus investment outlook impact

Fears around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has spilled into financial markets. The coronavirus outbreak has rapidly approached global pandemic levels, and given the knock-on effects of the virus on economic growth, the fireworks in markets were inevitable.

Choosing your executor

Following the death of a loved one, those left behind are often distressed to learn that the administration of the deceased estate will take quite some time to finalise.

Coronavirus – investment impact in seven charts and sound bites

The spread of coronavirus, COVID-19, beyond China has created fresh uncertainty for the global growth outlook and sparked volatility in financial markets. Outbreaks in South Korea, Iran and Italy have raised concerns that the spread outside of China may be accelerating.

An investment cure for coronavirus: the diversification premium

Markets are walking on eggshells as the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), first reported from Wuhan, China in late December 2019, is wreaking economic havoc. Data from the world’s second largest economy shows a plunge in business activity in the last month, including massive declines in passenger traffic, electricity generation, shipping volumes and real estate transactions.

Nedbank misses targets as recession bites

The banking group expects earnings for the year ahead to be in line with subdued economic growth.

Budget 2020: High Noon – ratings and bailouts

Budget statements have in recent years perennially made downward revisions in economic growth projections. Disappointing growth outcomes compared to official forecasts is partly attributed to the inability to implement planned structural reforms that would have delivered improved growth outcomes.

BOOK REVIEW | The Savvy Investor’s Pocket Guide

The Savvy Investor’s Pocket Guide is a self-improvement guide that identifies the common mistakes people make when dealing with their finances and sets out how to rectify them. It highlights how one can achieve financial independence by cutting back on some expenses, like luxury cars, and the benefits of starting to save as young as possible.



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