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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Impact investing taps potential!

The drought in Cape town and surrounding areas have caused a surge in impact investing. Impact investment is to a large extent still fairly unknown and under-used in South Africa, despite the vast opportunities in a country with a massive scarcity of resources.

Victory for Ramaphosa, but hung NEC will challenge

Geoff Blount | Managing Director | BayHill Capital | geoffb@bayhill.co.za | www.bayhillcapital.co.za | This is a win for Cyril Ramaphosa, but given the make-up of the new NEC, this is not necessarily a loss for the Zuma faction within the ANC.Markets got this one wrong – and were pricing in a Cyril slate victory, rather than a “hung” NEC. Hence, we expect the rand and the domestic-facing stocks to weaken tomorrow after their recent rally. Some of the euphoria will be repriced out of the market and it will retrace some of its steps as the reality sinks in.If people were looking for

South Africa’s Credit Rating History – 1994 to 2017

Victor Mphaphuli | Co-head | STANLIB Fixed Income | media@stanlib.com | www.stanlib.com |South Africa’s economic history since 1994 when the country first asked global...

To list or not to list?

Melanie De Nysschen | Principal | Bravura | mdnysschen@bravura.net | www.bravura.net |Listing on a stock exchange is not just the reserve of large corporations. ...

Is South Africa in a Crisis?

https://youtu.be/EDwGX6dX8XwLesiba Mothata | Executive Chief Economist | Alexander Forbes | http://www.alexanderforbes.co.za/ |READ MORE: Dealing with credit rating downgrades

Dealing with credit rating downgrades

   Lesiba Mothata | Executive Chief Economist | Gyongyi King | Chief Investment Officer || Alexander Forbes | http://www.alexanderforbes.co.za/ |S&P Global Ratings has, for the first time...

Know your investment goals before boarding the Bitcoin train!

Elize Botha | Managing Director | Old Mutual Unit Trusts | christabell.kota@omwealth.co.za | www.oldmutual.co.za |While it may be tempting to buy into the evolving cryptocurrency...

VCC’s driving SME’s

Neill Hobbs | Founder and Director | Anuva Investments | neillh@anuvainvestments.co.za | www.anuvainvestments.co.za |Using a concept borrowed from the UK, SARS has written Section 12J...

Avoid the narrative, not the opportunity!

Philipp Wörz | Fund Manager | PSG Asset Management | philipp.worz@psg.co.za | www.psg.co.za |It’s easy to get caught up in market narratives.When news...

FEATURE | Your Wealth

Protecting and growing wealth is critical in the current local and global economic and political climates, in order to take care of yourself and your family. For investors to accumulate wealth, a target, strategy and implementation plan is required.
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