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COVID-19 crisis: optimism can be a helpful tool in times of...

Optimism, the idea of hopefulness, or confidence about the future success of something, is a feeling that may be understandably absent from South Africans’ lives at the moment, especially amidst negative news headlines and a lack of certainty about the future.

SURVEY | A realistic picture of the current state of tourism...

Tourism is a significant sector. It directly and indirectly supports 8,6% of South Africa’s GDP. Its economic activity encompasses all non-commuter passenger travel, car hire, a wide range of accommodation types, a vast array of activities and attractions, conference centres, retail and restaurants and services such as tour operators, travel agents, conference and event organisers and the like.

Avoid the narrative, not the opportunity!

Philipp Wörz | Fund Manager | PSG Asset Management | philipp.worz@psg.co.za | www.psg.co.za | It’s easy to get caught up in market narratives. When news...

Bringing savings conversations out of the closet

Talking about finances at work can seem like a taboo subject, especially given that conversations about salaries, bonuses or saving for retirement usually take place behind closed doors. If you are a member of a group savings scheme through your employer, such as a pension, provident or umbrella fund, you may have burning questions about how this will impact your retirement.

Is your financial advisor compliant?

An avalanche of regulations governing wealth management means that wealth managers have had to adapt their business models to remain compliant. With all the new rules and regulations in place it is important to ask your financial advisor certain questions to ensure they are compliant. 

JSE Rand Hedges no substitute for a global portfolio

With local news agendas being dominated by the rand’s dismal performance, recent GDP woes and an economy slipping into a technical recession – South African investors are increasingly seeking shelter via offshore exposure.

Nedbank misses targets as recession bites

The banking group expects earnings for the year ahead to be in line with subdued economic growth.

Moody’s downgrade creates long-term recovery for SA investors

Recent weeks have seen the local market hit by a triple whammy. Both local and global markets have crashed as the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic begins to be felt resulting in a market sell-off; a rapid decline in oil prices has created a global supply shock. In addition to that, ratings agency Moody’s downgraded South Africa’s credit rating to junk or sub-investment grade.

Annuity choices in retirement

As you approach retirement, one needs to decide the age you would like to retire at. More importantly, whether you can in fact retire with the available funds you have and if the income you will receive will sustain you for the rest of your life.

SA dodges ratings bullet but much still needs to be done

The affirmation of South Africa's investment-grade credit rating by Moody's late on Friday is welcome. South Africans will now be spurred to focus on their individual financial wellbeing and ask if their own status could be described as investment grade or junk. This in light of the fact that 94% of South Africans still on the junk watchlist.



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