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Friday, December 14, 2018

The problem of ‘fair-labelling’ and insurance

The problem of inappropriate labelling is not confined to law. It is appearing in the financial services market which should take deliberate steps to resist incorrect labelling, particularly by regulators.

Life insurance and funeral plan misconceptions

From car and home insurance, to life and medical policies, there are literally hundreds of different types of insurance options available to the public. Figuring out which basic policy meets your requirements can be confusing, so we have constructed a helpful matrix to help you discern the important differences between the two options.

The Great Bank Heist – SAICA responds

SAICA's response to the VBS Mutual Bank report released by Advocate Terry Motau SC on 10 October 2018. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) takes note of The Great Bank Heist, Advocate Terry Motau SC’s forensic report on the alleged fraud that took place at VBS Mutual Bank.

International banking on the rise in Africa

Opportunity beckons in Africa as markets mature, incomes grow and trust in financial services increases. This is driving the need for bespoke wealth management and banking solutions which can be delivered seamlessly in any country, across the continent and offshore.

Effects of EWC on Land Bank

In the Land Bank’s 2018 Annual Report released earlier this week, the top risk on a list of 18 principal risks is unsurprisingly the issue of land reform and the impact of the possibility of Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC). 

SURVEY | Africa’s insurance industry poised for further growth

The opportunities for growth in Africa’s insurance industry are huge despite recent economic and political uncertainty. The insurance industry has done well to adapt to continuous disruption, with technological advances now considered the most important global trend disrupting the industry.

NHI alternatives?

The Department of Health’s Dr Anban Pillay has slammed the Free Market Foundation (FMF) for criticising the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill and has requested that we submit reasons why we believe the government’s proposed NHI scheme will not work and a list of proposed alternatives.

Phishing, Vishing and SMishing

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC ) would like to remind bank clients to always be on the lookout for Phishing, Vishing and SMishing scams. Phishing, Vishing and SMishing are all methods of deceitfully obtaining personal information such as passwords, ID numbers and bank card details by tricking clients into believing that they are from trusted sources, such as banks or legitimate companies.

Road Accident Fund liability in single vehicle accident

Dependants can’t sue Road Accident Fund where breadwinner dies in single vehicle accident. The surviving wife and children of a breadwinner sued the Road Accident Fund for damages when he died as a result of a single vehicle accident in which the deceased’s negligence was the sole cause of the collision.

2017 Card fraud stats released

SABRIC, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre, on behalf of the banking industry has released its Card Fraud Stats for 2017 which reflect an overall decrease in card fraud. Debit card fraud decreased by 8.5% while credit card fraud increased by 1%, from R434.0m in 2016 to R436.7m in 2017.
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