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Education entrepreneurs should educate and train young people

Economist Thomas Sowell said: “It is not what education teaches us directly, but how well it prepares us to learn ourselves that is the ultimate measure of its value.”

Bursaries will create the opportunities our youth needs

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) funded bursaries are the answer to South Africa’s staggering youth unemployment rate. How can we fix youth unemployment in South Africa? One of the greatest challenges we face, has been called a ticking time bomb on more than one occasion.

A data literacy guide for business leaders

If a business wants to become truly data-driven, then its employees need to be equipped to understand and work with data as well as have meaningful conversations around that data. In short, they need to be data literate.

Critical skills list – a wake-up call for education and training...

The government’s latest critical skills list includes the occupations of 'Tax Professional', 'External Auditor' and 'Forensic Accountant'. The full list comprises 101 occupation codes and these critical skills are open to South Africans and foreign nationals that meet the skills requirements.

Growing digital skills for the future of work

Ever since the shift from stone to metal tools, the world has steadily been moving towards an increasingly digital age. However, the rate at which technological developments take place today is expanding exponentially and over the last two years digital adoption and transformation has been accelerated at a rapid pace.

Learnerships form a foundation for addressing youth unemployment

The Statistics SA Quarterly Labour Force Survey for Q2 2021 paints a grim picture of the employment landscape in South Africa – the official unemployment rate is 34.4%. Most significant of all, the unemployment rate for youth aged 15 to 24 years stood at 64.4% and the unemployment rate for those aged 25-34 years was 42.9%.

State Capture Report – implications for the accountancy profession

The first part of the State Capture Commission’s report, released earlier this month, documents an account of events where many sectors and individuals colluded to create an environment in which billions could be pilfered. This was achieved by deliberately sidestepping constitutional and regulatory checks and balances.

REVIEW | Genius Starter Kit – taking tablet to kids’ level

The Genius Starter Kit from Osmo is designed to stimulate interest and improve skills in maths, spelling, creativity and other educational and learning games. Aimed at children aged ages 6 to 10 and older, the games move from beginner to expert levels as kids become more adept with them, meaning they allow for continuing learning.

How PPPs can level the education playing field post-COVID-19

It’s no secret that South Africa’s education system suffers from inequality and inefficiency. However, in such a young democracy, a certain degree of stumbling is to be expected. Unfortunately, even as we address past-era issues, the gap between privileged private-school education and that provided in peri-urban and rural areas is becoming undeniable and ever-widening, in no small part as a result of the complex COVID-19 environment.

Skills development more critical as the transformation of 4IR continues

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a digital revolution that has massive transformative potential. Technology is rapidly evolving, and if used correctly, it can improve both the spend and quality of business operations. However, without the right skills within the business, technology is either used ineffectively or not used at all, which can be detrimental.


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