Learnerships offer matriculants real opportunities

The Class of 2023 is eagerly anticipating the 18th of January for the release of their matric results. For some, their results will provide access to higher learning. For others, it’s their ticket to the working world - but while these youngsters may be keen to kickstart their careers, many will face the stark reality of scarce job opportunities and a struggling economy.

The entrepreneurial vision for robust, consumer-driven learning

Eustace Davie | Director | Free Market Foundation | mail me | It is not simply what education teaches us directly, but how well it...

Studying as an adult – what you need to consider

There are many reasons why people consider furthering their studies as adults. Some did not have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education straight out of high school. Others may not have felt the urge to study at that point. For many people, the impetus comes from a changing working world and the desire to keep their skills up-to-date to pursue career growth opportunities, to up-skill before returning to work after a break, or to challenge themselves and learn something new

Upskilling & training needs strategy, not a tick box approach

There is a serious skills gap in South Africa regarding IT talent, which is only growing as technology evolves. A lack of skilled resources can be a significant obstacle in achieving organisational objectives, and without sufficient IT skills, South Africa will fall behind on a global stage.

Surge in funding for universities, but stark inequality remains

A study commissioned by Inyathelo, the South African Institute for Advancement, has revealed a significant increase in philanthropic funding for South African universities. However, the research also exposes deep-seated disparities in funding distribution that continue to plague the higher education sector.

AI reporters – journalism school will never be the same again

The advent of AI reporters, as showcased by platforms such as, has heralded a significant shift in the realm of journalism. As these technologies rise in prominence and capability, journalism schools across the globe are gearing up for a transformation unlike any before.

AI has the power to transform education

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are changing every industry and sector, including education. If students are to take advantage of AI, it’s essential they are exposed to it early and taught how to harness it. The changing educational landscape, accelerated by the pandemic, offers an opportunity to enhance inclusion and accessibility through AI technology.

Safety management for sustainable behavioural change

It is essential to establish internal risk management control processes that align with specific strategic management outcomes. We firmly believe that effective Operational Risk Management Processes (ORMP) have two core aspects: alignment and attunement.

Could ChatGPT be the learning transformation catalyst?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) language model, is forcing a significant paradigm shift in the education sector, as educators at all levels, but particularly in tertiary institutions, grapple with the implications, the technology that has so much potential to do good, but also raises concerns about its impact on the validity of traditional student outputs like essays and tests.

Women’s empowerment begins by removing barriers to girls’ education

At the current rate of progress, the World Economic Forum says it will take 102 years to close the gender gap in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is therefore vital to ensure girls have equal opportunities not only in the workplace but in school to accelerate closing the gender gap.


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