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The disabled – the South African conundrum?

There are multiple benefits which companies can derive either in employing people with disabilities, or in procuring goods or services from them within the businesses supply chain.

Embracing workforce transformation in a digital world

Workforce transformation affects all aspects of business and companies must plan for the impact it is having and will continue to have on operations. The evolving business landscape means companies must start thinking now about the skills they need for the future.

The real costs of hiring a wrong person

In a bid to cut costs, companies often attempt to handle prospective employees themselves. This approach, while often sensible, has far-reaching effects for the employer, especially when it becomes apparent that the new employee and the organisation’s values are in contrast with one another.

SURVEY | Employment Outlook Survey for the fourth quarter 2019

According to the latest Employment Outlook Survey, South African employers report soft hiring intentions for the last quarter of the year. While 10% of employers anticipate an increase in payrolls, 6% expect a decrease and 82% forecast no change.

Pressure as 2020 EE reports deadline looms

Employment Equity (EE) report submissions are now open and will run from 01 September 2019 to 15 January 2020. Failure to comply will see fines ranging from 2 – 10% of a company’s turnover. This mandatory submission is relevant to all companies with a headcount of 50 employees or more and to those with an annual turnover above the required threshold (varies per industry).

Job scam warning!

Recruitment scams are becoming a horrible and worrying trend in South Africa. One of South Africa’s fastest growing recruitment agencies has recently been hit by a recruitment scam. We would like to raise an alarm to job seekers that there is someone that is using their company name to scam job seekers.

Ways to be more productive

Although it sounds cliché, flattened organisational structures mean today’s professionals are expected to accomplish a lot more with less resources. There are times when one person may be working across three different roles, so how can one keep up with the pace of work without having to put in extra hours each week? 

Getting a head start on mental health

Aadil Patel | National Practice Head & Director | Employment practice | Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr | mail me | While there have been important strides...

How to hire a future-fit CEO

Hiring the wrong leader can have potentially devastating consequences. Now, more than ever, corporates need be led with agility and an openness to rapid change.

Leveraging the benefits of the virtual workforce

Traditionally, a team has been defined as a group of individuals working together to achieve a common pre-defined goal. While traditional teams, also known as conventional or co-located teams, consist of individuals working in physical proximity, the reality is that other organisational team typologies have emerged within the last few decades that challenge this concept and experience.
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