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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pitfalls of making an offer of employment and later having a...

Can an offer to employ which is later withdrawn amount to a dismissal? - An offer of employment creates a valid contract and a later withdrawal of that offer can amount to dismissal. This is even more so if the reasons for the withdrawal of the offer are unreasonable.

How to onboard new employees?

If there’s one resolution HR departments should make this new year, it should be to transform the onboarding experience for new hires. The importance of a good candidate experience cannot be underestimated. Research has shown that 88% of job applicants are more likely to buy from a company if they’ve had a positive experience when applying for work there.

Facts about remote work?

Remote work is a global, growing phenomenon that only seems to be gaining in acceptance, but there are many misconceptions about it from thinking it’s a way of skiving off or that it leads to employee disengagement. However, the reality is very different. Many people from big established companies, prefer and need to work remotely to think innovatively, tackle special projects or simply just to get work done.

PODCAST: How to submit an Employment Equity (EE) Report?

Lianne Freedman, CEO, EconoServ and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, discuss the requirements for the submission of an Employment Equity (EE) Report.Submissions can be done...

Road to EE compliance is paved with dubious intentions!

Roxanne Da Mata Goncalves | Director | Strata-G Labour Solutions | Roxanne@strata-g.co.za | www.strata-g.co.za |Is the failure by 72 JSE listed companies to comply with the provisions laid out in the Employment Equity Act (EE) a blatant lack of respect, as Deputy Minister of Labour Nkosi Phathekile Holomisa posits, or is it more complex than that?Non-complianceLegislation focuses on two requirements when establishing whether a business is required to report on employment equity or not: the first is the...

Christmas and the right to party?

There is no requirement in any South African labour legislation, including the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 and the Basic Conditions of Employment...

New Bills impact employment!

The Minister of Labour has published three bills which will have an impact on employment in South Africa.The bills propose a number of important...

How to submit an Employment Equity (EE) Report?

Lianne Freedman | CEO | EconoServ | lianne@econobee.co.za | www.econoserv.co.za |Submissions can be done manually or electronically. The Department of Labour advises employers to do their...

CV misrepresentation!

Gavin Stansfield | Director: Employment Practice | gavin.stansfield@cdhlegal.comZola Mcaciso | Associate: Employment Practice | zola.mcaciso@cdhlegal.com |Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr |  https://www.cliffedekkerhofmeyr.com/ |The case of...

A step closer to minimum wage in May 2018

Aadil Patel | National Practice Head, Director | Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr | aadil.patel@cdhlegal.com |Samantha Coetzer | Consultant in the Employment practice | Cliffe Dekker...
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