Spotlight on SME recruitment trends in South Africa

SMEs play a crucial role in most economies, and South Africa is no exception. They are also important contributors to job creation and global economic development. According to the World Bank Group SMEs represent about 90% of businesses worldwide, while the International Finance Corporation revealed that roughly 50% to 60% of South Africa’s workforce finds employment within SMEs.

Building whistle blower confidence to enhance OHS

The processes for reporting dangerous workplaces can significantly differ from one organisation to another. Notably, there seems to be a lack of consideration for an anonymous reporting mechanism, leaving individuals raising concerns vulnerable to potential identification by others within the organisation who may take issue with the report.

The changing workplace – why job descriptions are falling behind

Is it time to say goodbye to the good old job specs? In the midst of rapid change and innovation, the concept of rigid job descriptions is fading fast. Modern workplaces are evolving, and it's clear that the traditional way of defining jobs simply doesn't cut it anymore.

The importance of placing the transcript of the arbitration proceedings

On 10 October 2023, we published our article titled "the importance of a complete record of arbitration proceedings" in a review application wherein the Labour Court dealt with the importance of and requirement for it to be provided with a full and proper record in review proceedings.

Steel & engineering sector on the precipice of a jobs crisis

The employment trends in the metals and engineering sector are an important indicator for the underlying structural constraints that have plagued the sector for the last decade and a half. The sector currently employs 362,871 people, which is a significant drop from the 577,507 people employed in 2008.

Employees expect more from their workplace – and their bosses

Effective communication, emotional intelligence (EQ), trust, and willingness to be vulnerable are the most sought-after qualities for today’s business leaders. New global research reveals a significant shift in our relationship with work and our expectations of it in recent years with employees seeking work environments in which they can grow. In a nutshell: we want more from our work and our bosses.

Navigating the tide of CCMA changes

In the ever-changing South African labour market, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) has adopted digital transformation to improve accessibility and efficiency. The introduction of an online portal streamlines CCMA referrals, accommodating modern communication demands.

People management – It’s time for a more empathetic approach

Globally, there has been a significant uptick in the prevalence of depression and anxiety post the COVID-19 pandemic. In South Africa, it is estimated that one in six people suffer from anxiety, depression, or substance abuse and more than half of the population is possibly dealing with some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder. Another study estimated that a third of people suffer from a mental illness and of that figure, 75% won’t receive any treatment.

Employee screening is vital in the new world of work

Today’s workplace – and the way we work – has been majorly disrupted over the past few years. The arrival of a remote or hybrid way of working has seen the adoption of several transformative technologies within organisations to enable work to be done virtually.

Consequences of employees misrepresenting their qualifications

Whether an employee may be dismissed if he/she misrepresented his/her qualifications and/or professional memberships, but nevertheless met the minimum requirements of the position to which he/she was appointed.


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