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Sun, May 16, 2021

COVID-19 is not a joke: are we taking workplace protocols seriously?

As with any change in life, the longer it persists, the more we relax into it in order to find some sense of normalcy to continue with our lives. But relaxing into COVID-19 and becoming blasé about protocol is simply not an option until we have achieved immunity as a nation.

Work from home – drinking on the job

Working from home has become a normal part of business life, a part that is unlikely to come to a crashing halt any time soon. Within this new normal are casual clothes, comfortable working conditions, as well as less time spent in cars and chatting around the water cooler.

Employee wellness protecting mental health despite COVID-19

The effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on employee mental health has been overwhelming. Organisations are realising the deep need to turn their attention and focus on employee wellness, especially during this time of increased separation and decreased human interaction.

Academic anxiety: easing post-pandemic career fears

For once, the age-old tale that school life was 'much harder back in my day' could not be further from the truth. The class of 2020/2021 are enduring one of the most difficult global events in recent memory, and they are doing so while juggling concerns over grades, exams, and future employment.

RESEARCH | The language you speak aligns to your genetic origins

A new study challenges the presumption that all South-Eastern-Bantu speaking groups are a single genetic entity. The South-Eastern-Bantu (SEB) language family includes isiZulu, isiXhosa, siSwati, Xitsonga, Tshivenda, Sepedi, Sesotho and Setswana.

Upskilling the workforce of the future in financial services

Financial institutions are spending, on average, 14% of annual operating costs on change management functions in order to drive greater productivity gains, a new study has shown. According to our report, 'Productivity 2021 and beyond: Upskilling the workforce of the future to create a competitive advantage in financial services', more than one in four firms are spending more than 20% of their operating costs on change programmes.

Can a side hustle get you fired?

In the age of pandemics and other socio-economic upheavals, relying on a single income may prove risky, especially as joblessness continues to rise, with Statistics South Africa reporting an unemployment rate of 32.5%, the highest it has been since the survey was initiated in 2008.

ICT: a potential solution to the problem of unemployment in Africa

The socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is especially hard-hitting for younger generations in Africa. The youth are faced with multiple challenges including disruptions to education, training and on-the-job learning. The youth are further impacted by employment and income losses due to lay-offs and reduced working hours.

Refused promotion causes commotion

The Labour Relations Act (LRA) allows employees to lodge unfair promotion disputes.

What should you do if you accidentally overpay your employee?

It’s month-end. Your employee gets a notification on their phone that their salary has cleared into their bank account. Jackpot! They’ve received more than what is due to them. Mistakes and human miscalculations can occur easily, leaving employers in a difficult position. How should you address a genuine mistake that has been made resulting in employees receiving payments that they have not earned?


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