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In the always on era, creativity is key to business success

Organisations need to be serious about creativity if they want to drive sustainable business success across global markets. It’s often forgotten that business is a creative pursuit. Every business, be it a technology giant such as Microsoft, or a tiny corner store serving one community, stems from a single idea.

SA’s unemployment conundrum – a skills chasm or a mindset constraint?

COVID-19’s devastating grip on economies may be dominating headlines but in many parts of the world – specifically South Africa – chronic unemployment is arguably, the more debilitating 'pandemic'. With the world record for the highest unemployment rate, close to half our population (44.4%) who are eligible to work, remain unemployed.

Mental Health Day – promoting mental well-being in the workplace

World Mental Health Day is October 10th, and serves as a reminder (as every day should) that our mental health must be prioritised. While mental health is not an often spoken subject, the events of the last two years have brought it to the fore.

BOOK REVIEW | Cultureneering

Are you a leader who aims to drive real growth for the people within your organisation and at the same time deliver exceptional customer service that sets you apart from your competitors? Running a business in a racially polarised country with a melting pot of diversity, requires leaders to understand the complexity of building an inclusive culture out of a fragmented workforce.

Unpleasant CCMA surprises for employers!

A while ago, I received a panic phone call from an employer who had received an unfavourable arbitration award in respect of a CCMA case they never knew existed. That is, the employer had never received a summons to appear at the CCMA but the award required the employer to pay tens of thousands of rand to an ex-employee.

What will the future of hiring look like?

While most areas of a business have changed over the past decade, the hiring process for potential staff by HR departments has remained relatively the same. This, however, is set to change with the introduction of new technologies that will save companies money and valuable time that can be spent improving their core business.

Employing illegal foreign nationals – the cost, the risk and the...

With unemployment figures at an all-time high and South Africa facing numerous economic challenges, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the Department of Labour (DoL) are again taking steps to curb the employment of illegal foreign nationals living in South Africa.

BOOK REVIEW | The Poetic Journey Of Self-Leadership

Everyone is on a journey of growth, from birth to death. The authors used their research data, to tap into the vital stages of this journey of growth from a psychological growth perspective. They linked the stages of psychological growth to self-leadership development.

Working from home won’t work for everyone

Articles, webinars, and opinion pieces about how office workers will never return to work full time are all the rage right now. According to all the pieces I see and read, people love working from home and will elect to carry on doing so full-time or only return to the office a couple of days a week - the ‘hybrid’ model that so many are talking about. While I am sure this is true for some, and indeed for the people writing these columns, I think many more are eager and even anxious to get back to the office.

Cultural and religious wear at work – Yes or No?

The prohibition of religious, cultural, or political clothing and other symbols in the workplace is not a new topic facing employers in South Africa, but can this be a justifiable basis for discrimination in a post-COVID-19 return to work process?


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