Pressure as 2020 EE reports deadline looms

Employment Equity (EE) report submissions are now open and will run from 01 September 2019 to 15 January 2020. Failure to comply will see fines ranging from 2 – 10% of a company’s turnover. This mandatory submission is relevant to all companies with a headcount of 50 employees or more and to those with an annual turnover above the required threshold (varies per industry).

Meeting the need for multi-skilled workers in South Africa

Temporary employment opportunities are on the rise in South Africa, and with many global enterprises seeking to outsource certain business processes, the South African labour market is becoming increasingly attractive. While many local businesses also have a need for certain skills, that need is not ‘full time’.

PODCAST: How to submit an Employment Equity (EE) Report?

Lianne Freedman, CEO, EconoServ and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, discuss the requirements for the submission of an Employment Equity (EE) Report. Submissions can be done...

Workplace politicisation – a serious threat to labour stability & the...

Those of us who operate in a wide range of workplaces - across all sectors and industries - will have noticed a sea change in the volume and nature of collective industrial action. Work stoppages, illegal strikes, go-slows and massive amounts of peer-to-peer intimidation amongst employee's, especially unionised workers, have increased.

Offers of employment – don’t take risks

Employers are reminded to avoid providing offers of employment if the relevant recruitment processes or details of a vacant post have not been finalised as a valid employment agreement may still be created and enforced through offer and acceptance.

The role of fintech in the workforce of the future

The pandemic accelerated an existing trend toward widely distributed workforces, set in motion by growing globalisation and digitalisation. This creates a number of challenges for companies in terms of managing these dispersed employees.

Can a restraint of trade agreement survive a going concern transfer?

Are restraint of trade agreements transferred in terms of a section 197 transfer of business as a going concern? A restraint of trade agreement or undertaking is only transferred in terms of section 197 of the Labour Relations Act if it constitutes a term of a transferring contract of employment.

South Africans are the world’s hardest and unhappiest workers

Many of us have stayed later at work to meet a tight deadline or finish a large project, but would we work frequent unpaid hours? Have you considered the toll this can have on your mental health and wellbeing? It is well established and commonly known across the world that work-related stress is a huge contributor to work absence.


"For the first time since the BDSI began in 2013, the average real disposable salaries declined for eight consecutive months in a row on...

Landmark High Court ruling reshapes parental leave rights & gender equality

The Johannesburg High Court has ruled that the current law regulating maternity leave, adoption leave and surrogacy leave in South Africa is unconstitutional and invalid, on the basis that it discriminates against different types of parents and violates their dignity and the interests of their children. 


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