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When is dismissal fair?

In the case of Moloi vs Quthing Construction and Developers CK (2007, 8 BALR 720) the accused was given a final warning after he had been repeatedly late for work and had displayed a ‘negative attitude’.

Managing gender transition in the workplace

Managing the gender transitioning of an employee is a complex process and could easily go wrong among traditional mindsets in the workplace. CRS discusses what companies can do to create a more inclusive work environment.

How to get the right people working for you

Fantastic news is that your business is booming and it’s now time to start expanding the team. With the unemployment rate in South-Africa being extremely high (27%), how hard can it be to find someone to fill the gap? The answer: Extremely difficult! It’s not just about filling a seat with a bum but bringing a candidate onboard with the right skills and experience and someone who will live your values and sees your business’ vision as if it’s their own.

Unlimited leave can transform local business

Even though unlimited leave is not a new concept internationally, the news that a local specialist banking group has embraced it has raised a few eyebrows. This approach necessitates a radical change in thinking from corporate policy-makers.

What employees need to know about overtime compensation

Working time including overtime is regulated by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, but many workers are not familiar with the technicalities of these laws and many employers do not adhere to the rules.

First time in history – more than 10 million unemployed 

You cannot legislate people out of poverty. You cannot regulate jobs into existence. Jobs need to be created, and at the moment, the South African government is slowly but surely suffocating businesses’ ability to create jobs by continuously adding more and more burdens on both employers and the unemployed - the latest being the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

Start-ups – are they the answer to youth unemployment?

Most governments in Africa share the common problem of high youth unemployment. Global economic forces and decisions of powerhouses like Britain and America are increasingly impacting growth of African economies. African countries have thus found themselves on the back foot and unable to stimulate their economies sufficiently to create jobs, especially in the formal sector.

Does humour increase productivity?

Depression and anxiety are one of the largest challenges of our time. In today’s fast-paced, competitive lifestyle, it can sometimes feel as though there simply is no time left for laughter. Yet, not making the effort to incorporate humour into our daily routines actually hurts our chances of achieving our goals.

Unions – friend or foe of the poor?

Labour unions are undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to any positive reform, not because this particular group of individuals is somehow more evil than the rest of us. It is simply a rational response to the particular set of incentives that union bosses are faced with.

AI impact on ‘decent work’?

AI is incompatible with policies for labour growth and forespell the introduction of the basic income grant. Consultants across the globe continue to debate the opportunities, limitations and merits of implementing Artificially Intelligent (AI) solutions. They engage, argue and agree to disagree on the inevitable effect which AI will have on the labour market and the number of people employed in Decent Work.
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