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Friday, December 14, 2018

Addressing workplace stress, substance abuse and mental illness

There are strong ties between stress, mental illness and substance abuse, with each of these influencing the other to some degree.

Labour broker ruling considerations

For most labour brokers and their clients, the new judgement by the Constitutional Court – which determines that TES employees are deemed permanent employees of the client after a three-month period – it means business as usual.

PODCAST | EFF insurgents undermine Trade Unions in the workplace

A SEMINAL interview with Nerine Kahn, CEO Employment Relations Exchange, and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO ArkKonsult, on how to deal with the recent insurgencies of the EFF into workplaces where they systematically force agreements between employers and trade unions, steal union membership and close businesses.

REPORT | Clearing the barriers to women’s progress in financial services

Financial services sector worldwide is missing ‘window of opportunity’ to support women’s career progress. Globally, financial services is falling behind other sectors when it comes to supporting women’s progress into senior positions, according to a report issued by PwC.

Workplace racism – the question of culture?

Is the dismissal of an employee, who compares a fellow employee to a monkey, fair, if the employee doing so alleges the statement was made in a friendly and inoffensive manner, according to the employee’s culture?

Impending labour legislation

Parliament’s Select Committee on Economic and Business Development has passed a series of Labour Bills: National Minimum Wage Bill (B31-2017), Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill (B30-2017), Labour Relations Amendment Bill (B32-2017), Labour Laws Amendment Bill (B29-2017). The Bills were initially tabled in Parliament in 2017. In summary, the bills deal with a broad range of labour issues

Can you dismiss an employee for refusing a plan to avoid...

Is it fair to dismiss an employee for refusing to comply with a recovery plan that was implemented to avoid mass retrenchment?

Early career choice for women a must

Other than the structural issues our society faces, one factor that has been fueling the existing gender pay gap in South Africa is the educational and career choices young women make.

Leaders as coaches

A new type of leadership is building high-performance teams. What does it actually mean, and have you ever thought about WHAT makes a successful team?

Beware of dismissing for incompatibility!

In the case of Jabari vs Telkom SA (Pty) Ltd (2006, 10 BLLR 924) the Labour Court highlighted three characteristics of incompatibility: Firstly - Incompatibility refers to the employee’s 'inability or failure to maintain cordial and harmonious relationships with his peers', secondly - Incompatibility is a form of 'incapacity', and thirdly - Incompatibility is an 'amorphous, nebulous concept, based on subjective value judgments'.
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