Budget sparks green transition – corporates must now take the lead

The 2024 South African budget speech from Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana shows sustainability taking centre stage. The national budget’s clear reprioritisation towards electric vehicles demonstrates that government is walking the talk on emission reduction and cleaner transport.

Business travel wellness – the fine line between care & overindulgence

In the modern era of corporate travel, companies are investing heavily in ensuring the well-being of their employees on the move. From ergonomic travel tools to nutritious meals on the go, the focus has shifted from merely reaching a destination to ensuring the holistic wellbeing of the traveller. But as businesses lean heavily into this trend, a pertinent question emerges: Are we taking it too far?

New Year’s resolutions to make if you work in business travel

We all know the enthusiasm of making ambitious New Year's resolutions each January - get fit! Save money! Spend less screen time! But while our personal goals often fall by the wayside, setting professional resolutions can be genuinely transformative. That's why I recommend starting the year by relooking your corporate travel game.

SA’s business travel budgets – how do they stack up globally?

With 2024 approaching, many businesses will be reviewing and adjusting their travel budgets in light of spending predictions for the coming year. In terms of benchmarks, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) puts the average global spend at around $829 per business trip (R14,922).

Bridging the gap between fintech and traveltech

The integration of finance and technology, known as fintech, has revolutionised traditional banking and payment systems, transforming how we live, work and travel. Similarly, travel technology, or traveltech, has empowered travellers with convenient booking platforms and personalised experiences.

Hotels under fire – shocking stats on their climate impact

Did you know hotels account for approximately one percent of global carbon dioxide emissions? It might not seem like a lot, but to put it in perspective, out of the carbon dioxide released annually, it's equivalent to powering 45.7 million homes for a year. Turns out those luxury touches like themed suites, room service on tap, and butlers come at a cost to the planet, too.

Sign language – the tourism industry could do better

Tourism is a multi-sensory experience and South Africa, with its abundant wonders, exemplifies this perfectly. But in reality, more than 60,000 South African citizens grapple with hearing impairments and are unable to experience our country through all five senses.

Visa applicants face hurdles – here’s how to overcome them

Unmarried, no kids, and a bank balance that’s a little low? Your chances of successfully getting a visa to travel just got slimmer. Not everyone’s equal when it comes to visa applications. Factors such as your marital status, whether or not you have children, ownership of property, how long you’ve worked for the company, your bank balance, and even your social media activity can count against you.

Why your boss should never question your travel expenses again!

Your boss may not necessarily be keen on understanding every line item on your travel expense report, but they certainly need to understand the overall value that your business travel brings to the table. Having to justify the ‘value’ of business travel is a challenge that resonates deeply with travel managers around the globe today.

The evolving role of women leaders in 2023 and beyond

Good bosses matter - now more than ever. The travel industry had to really hustle and adapt over the past couple of years, way more than any other sector. Those leading in travel, like I had to step up and guide teams through this crazy time.


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