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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Travel allowances – what you can and can’t do

It is common for travellers to buy foreign currency from an Authorised Dealer (AD), such as a bank or authorised dealer in foreign exchange,...

Developing smart cities for African tourism

Over the last eight years, travel and tourism has grown by 17.3% in the top ten fastest-growing global destinations. This rate speaks to the rapid growth of tourism and how the industry, and an increasing priority for countries seeking for new growth opportunities. In emerging markets tourism grew from 30% in 1980 to 45% in 2015 and is expected to reach 57% by 2030.

Airports taking to the cloud?

Airports are hives of activity, a-buzz 24-hours a day with travellers, staff and other patrons.To give an idea of how busy airports get,...

Secure travel policy compliance with a traveller-centric approach

Corporate Travel survey finds Senior Management the main culprits in flouting companies’ travel policy.The much-maligned millennial generation gets a bad rap for a lot of things in the workplace. In the world of travel, it’s their alleged maverick disregard for company travel policies and their propensity to extend business trips for a day or two of leisure.

OR Tambo International Security Enhanced

South Africa’s travel sector has welcomed announcements that enhanced security measures will be implemented at OR Tambo International Airport, saying it is at least...

21st century corporate traveller risks

The nature of terrorism has changed. What were once low-risk destinations, have now become high-risk in a matter of hours, which means companies are...

Morokolo Game Lodge driving Rhino Protection

Black Rhino Reserve is a concession on and forms part of the greater Pilanesberg National Park.  It is  one of the few reserves in...

Airport security and screening

Travellers should prepare for stricter screening procedures at airports in the USA as evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups are continuing to target commercial aviation by aggressively pursuing innovative methods to undertake their attacks, including smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items.


Countries on the continent are tightening their requirements for business visas, often requiring not only a letter of invitation and an itinerary, but also...


Tourism is one of the best performing sectors in South Africa’s economy with its strong competitive advantage, the favourable exchange rate and the global growth...
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