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Expense reporting: knowing your company’s travel spend

Is your company still relying on Excel worksheets or – dare we say it - using pen and paper to calculate travel expenses? If so, you’re not alone. According Certify, a US-based travel and expense company, 49% of companies today are still using manual systems for their expense reporting.

Connected consumers are connected travellers

It would be a mistake to distinguish a traveller as having separate personal and corporate travel profiles when digitisation has ensured that the travel expectations and decision-making, whether travelling for business or pleasure, are largely one and the same.

Regulation of Airbnb is draconian

Government published the Tourism Amendment Bill on April 12. If this had happened on April 1, one could have believed that it was an April Fool’s Joke, so comical is the logic underlying the bill. The amendment, once adopted, will mean that all ‘short-term home rentals’ are legislated under the Tourism Act.

Conferencing trends to look for

When you imagine attending a business conference, there is a certain expectation that comes with it. Typically, it involves being cocooned in a stark white space or darkened room, rows of chairs, and a projector pointing at a pull-down screen.

Regulating Airbnb encourages anti-competitive behaviour

The Tourism Business Council of SA (TBCSA) has called on government to regulate Airbnb in South Africa. TBCSA claims that Airbnb is threatening the viability of conventional lodging providers such as hotels and could lead to job losses.

NEW | South Africa’s first LEGO Certified Store now open

Lego has long appealed to its fans both young and old and finally, the Great Yellow Brick Co has opened the first LEGO® Certified Store in South Africa.

Tourism from BRICs building SA economy

The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations have made significant inroads in South Africa’s tourism industry, which in turn has also generated business and economic growth.

REPORT | Africa’s hotel sector offers potential for further growth

Africa’s hotel sector has the potential for further growth over the next five years. An increase in the number of foreign and domestic travellers, as well as an expansion in a number of hotel chains on the continent reinforces the hotel sector’s untapped potential for business growth.

NEW | Emirates pioneers virtual reality technology on its website

Imagine walking through the latest Emirates plane to check your seat before you board. Well, wait no longer as Emirates pioneers immersive 360-degree virtual reality on its website for its aircraft interiors. Emirates has introduced 3D seat models on emirates.com, becoming the first airline to introduce virtual web reality (VR) technology on its digital platform.

Blue sky for Open Skies?

Israel approved the ‘Open Skies’ agreement with the European Union in 2013. The goals were to increase the number of foreign airlines operating in the country, expand the number of routes served, lower fares and stimulate tourism. An Open Skies setup makes it easier for airlines to negotiate their own terms for operation with their intended partner/particular airport.
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