The evolving role of the CIO requires a focus on sustainability

As the world becomes increasingly digital and a shift by organisations to pursue generative AI, a shift is taking place within boardrooms. CIOs are now fulfilling more strategic roles to drive digital transformation and sustainability.

Companies integrate ESG in executive compensation

Corporate South Africa needs to explore the growing trend of linking executive compensation to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, driven by the imperative of multi-stakeholder capitalism and heightened attention to sustainability issues.

Minimum wage turns job seekers into potential criminals

Raising the minimum wage may seem like a way to help alleviate the plight of working South Africans, but all it really accomplishes is pricing more and more people out of the job market.

2024 Earnings threshold announced

The earnings threshold will increase to R254,371.67 with effect from 1 April 2024, entitling employees falling below the threshold to stricter protections in terms of labour legislation.

The power of human thought in an AI-driven era

We have all been there, right? Where it seems as though the algorithm knows us better than we know ourselves. Where all the answers are a ChatGPT away… or are they? In a world where in many realms it seems artificial is trending, could we be losing sight of the value of real AI- Actual Intelligence?

The destructive minimum wage legislation must be repealed

According to Statistics South Africa, the SA unemployment rate in the third Quarter (Q3) of 2023 was 41.2% (7.8 million people). In addition, youth unemployment (ages 15 to 34 years) in Q3 was 4.6 million, out of a total of 12.4 million unemployed people in the country. The total population is 61.02 million.

The world needs talent – especially the highly skilled

The world is in a permanent state of change amid technology, economy, consumer and climate change demands. Although there have been remarkable leaps in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), company leaders will continue to need highly skilled talent to meet their business needs.

Labour law – what is reasonable?

The concept of reasonableness has a strong subjective element. For instance, a salary increase of 50 % might seem reasonable to me if I have been earning a lot less than my colleagues. However, if my employer is reluctant to establish a precedent of granting such large increases, then demanding such a significant raise may not be considered reasonable from their perspective.

Payday reimagined – the future of earned-wage access (EWA)

Flexibility and convenience have become non-negotiable expectations for modern consumers. Modern wage models are increasingly embracing the same ideals. We are at the forefront of this transformative shift, empowering employees to take control of their financial futures.

New minimum wage implementation imminent

As the countdown to the implementation of the new minimum wage draws closer, the nation finds itself at the precipice of a profound transformation in its labour landscape. With revised minimum wage regulations set to come into force on March 1st, 2024, employers across the country are bracing themselves for a pivotal moment that promises to reshape the dynamics of work and remuneration. 


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