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Mind over money

They say money can’t buy you happiness. But does happiness (or at the very least, a sound mind) help prevent poor financial decisions?

Planning for retirement as an entrepreneur

Retirement is one of those phases of life that invites many perspectives. For some, it's the golden horizon they've been dreaming about, and working towards, their entire career - a chance to finally kick back, relax, and spend their days doing whatever they want.

When is it too soon to sell a residential property you...

Whether or not South Africa will experience a buyer’s or seller's market for property in 2024 is challenging to predict, but several factors point towards a potential buyer’s market for some time to come. The economy is expected to remain weak, which will reduce the number of prospective homebuyers due to affordability constraints.

What can the Rugby World Cup teach us about investing?

This weekend sees the culmination of nearly two months of fierce competition between the world’s biggest rugby nations as New Zealand and South Africa battle it out in Paris in the final of the Rugby World Cup. It goes without saying that the best teams have made it this far. Both have navigated a multitude of obstacles through a display of skill, power, and endurance.

Avoiding the ‘should’ve, could’ve & would’ve’ in your retirement years

With the increased cost of living, managing your money in your retirement years can be a challenging exercise for many. Running out of money during one’s retirement years is a prime concern for many retirees.  Although people have reasons to be concerned with the rise of economic pressures and the cost of living, consumers can lessen the risk of running out of money in retirement with proper financial planning and sound money management tools. 

Regulation 28 and the paradox of choice

In February 2022, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana amended the maximum offshore investment limit for Regulation 28 retirement funds from 30% of assets to 45%. But data shows that most funds haven’t maximised their exposure to the new limit, begging the question: why?

You can still save and get good returns despite high inflation

High interest rates increase the income opportunity of one’s savings and investments. In a volatile economic landscape, the importance of prudent financial planning and savvy saving strategies becomes more critical than ever. When inflation is high, the value of money seems to shift like sand beneath our feet, with a knock-on effect on interest rates and the cost of living.

Evaluating the cabinet-approved SOE plan

The cabinet approved a new state-owned enterprise (SOE) plan, which will lays the basis for private equity investment in state companies and listings on the stock exchange. It has already stirred significant debate and discussion – and rightly so, because full or partial privatisation by countries around the world has been met with mixed success.

Investment lessons from the Springboks

A good investment decision is underpinned by a tried-and-tested investment philosophy, a rigorous investment process and people who can implement and execute on these.

Sinking funds versus emergency funds

Dividing your savings into two separate categories – each with its own unique purpose – can provide clarity and boost your progress towards achieving your financial goals. When it comes to saving money, having a clear strategy in place can make all the difference.


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