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Apple expands the iPhone ecosystem

Apple goes pro with their new iPhones announced on the 10th of September. A whole new range of iPhones from the carefully priced 11 to the 11 Pro offers substantial improvements into a massively competitive and saturated market. Apple again has shown that it understands its customers and are expanding the services it provides to keep up with the competition.

REVIEW | LG G8S ThinQ Smartphone

LG has hit the streets with its latest smartphone, the G8s. The G8 with some exciting technology was announced at MWC Barcelona in February and finally reached our shores with the G8s version. There are some innovative technologies and a broad set of flagship features. The question is has LG done enough with the G8 to stay relevant in a crowded market. Steven Ambrose explores.

REVIEW | Jabra Speak 510 Speakerphone

Smartphones have become the mobile professionals Swiss Army knife. There is almost nothing you can't do with one. One challenge is when you have a table full of people and need to conference call. Enter the Jabra Speak 510. The Jabra 510 speakerphone is light portable and allows Bluetooth connections or USB connections to mobiles and Laptops and transforms your call into a professional conference call.

REVIEW | Hisense Infinity H30

Hisense has been making mobile phones for several years, and they have always represented excellent value and quality. Their latest flagship the H30 and its little brother the H30 Lite are aiming higher while still retaining good value and quality. Midrange phones are plentiful in the market, and the new Hisense H30 is targeted at fashion-conscious tech-savvy consumers.

REVIEW | Nokia 9 PureView

Smartphones have many uses but the most common today, outside some calling, is that of a camera. Document your life or use it professionally; the roles are endless. All the smartphone manufacturers are outdoing themselves to make the best camera smartphone on the market, and the number of lenses is key to this race.

REVIEW | Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus

Sony is a name that has a long heritage in South Africa and is known for innovation and quality. The new Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus range of smartphones offer high-end features, looks and build quality, at a far more affordable price.

REVIEW | Huawei P 30 Pro

Huawei has once again pulled out the stops to make a class-leading flagship with the P30 Pro. The latest Kirin 980 processor a total of four cameras on the rear and some innovative tech combine to make the P30 Pro a contender for the best mobile device of 2019. Steven Ambrose tests the P30 Pro and sees if Huawei has done it again.

REVIEW I Samsung Galaxy S10+

A new standard in mobile is born with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts with this new Galaxy phone, as Samsung has poured all their ten years of experience into their new series of flagships.

REVIEW I LG V40 ThinQ Smart

LG’s latest flagship was released late in South Africa, but sometimes good things come to those that wait. The LG V40 may be the smartphone bargain for which you have been waiting.

REVIEW I Nokia 7.1 Smartphone

Nokia is a name that almost everybody knows in the Mobile world. Nokia has reinvented itself with a new range of well-priced and very well specified phones in the past two years. The new Nokia 7.1 is possibly the best they have made. Pure Android, superior build quality, and a sleek modern look make the Nokia 7.1 a winner; in fact, it may be the best device in its category currently.
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