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Tue, Jun 25, 2019

VAT cross-border e-commerce rules promulgated

The indirect taxation of cross-border e-commerce transactions have been high on the agenda for tax authorities worldwide. There is clearly a perception that much of these transactions are escaping indirect tax (essentially VAT) because the supplier and consumer are in different jurisdictions.

5G will bring IoT to Life

By now, many of us have heard about the Internet of Things - the trend that sees sensors and Internet connectivity embedded into just...


High and middle-income earners are hearing a stream of bad news as the 2017/2018 Budget Speech by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan approaches. Analysts are...

Tax impact on your retirement savings

Despite the tax benefits on retirement contributions and the tax free growth, the fact that pension income benefits are ultimately taxed has led people to question whether saving in a retirement fund really is better than making your own retirement savings arrangements with after-tax earnings.

BCX is driving disruption at the front line of technology and...

Ian Russell | Chief Executive Officer | BCX | https://www.bcx.co.za | “The launch of BCX has been a fantastic experience,” says Ian Russell, Chief Executive Officer...

Whistle blowing – the cost of courage

Corruption has become as much a part of the South African identity as Seven Colour Sundays or biltong. Eradicating something that is woven into our nation’s fabric seems like an impossible task, and is a possibility only if whistleblowers are prepared to take a stand.

Business case for cloud: why finance needs a seat at the...

Most businesses are by now already at one or another stage of the enterprise cloud transformation journey and a staggering 93 percent of business executives who participated in Deloitte’s 2018 global outsourcing survey, confirmed that their organisations were adopting - or at least considering adopting - cloud.

Franchising: a safe bet in a tough economic climate?

With the economy seeing consecutive negative growth that has placed it in the grips of a technical - but very real - recession. It will...

Tips for the nervous tax payer

We were asked what Mr Edward Kieswetter’s first actions should be when he takes over the reins at SARS on 1 May. The answer for us was a no-brainer, crack down on those implicated in the State Capture Inquiry, starting with the beans spilled on Bosasa.  

REVIEW | LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone

Modern living revolves around connectivity. We may leave our wallets when leaving home but never our mobile devices. LG has released their latest smartphone the LG G7 ThinQ. The mobile device space has matured significantly in the past two years with form factors and specifications becoming very similar across all top devices.
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