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How security professionals can solve for the biological need to break...

Would you allow someone else to delete the apps on your phone? Like many, I have an emotional connection with my device and what’s on it, so woe betide anyone touching my apps. However, I use my device for both work and personal activities, so how can my company balance the risks involved?

Misdiagnosis means Eskom’s problems will persist

If you counted every hair on your head, that amount probably will not add up to the amount of times you have read and heard about the causes of the Eskom crisis. Corruption and state capture have been identified as the bedrock reasons why South Africans have been thrown into darkness over the past two weeks. A few people have pinpointed the unions as the cause of the problem because they are enraged about President Ramaphosa’s announcement that Eskom will be unbundled. Yet others have laid the blame on transformation policies, specifically BEE.

Dereliction of duty charges must be proven

Dereliction of duty is a charge that is tempting for employers to use especially when they are angry with the employee concerned.

Improving female participation in the work force can generate economic gains

Improving female participation in work across the OECD could boost total GDP by US$6 trillion, according to a new report released by PwC. Analysing the representation and welfare of women in the world of work across 33 OECD countries, PwC’s latest Women in Work Index also finds that the OECD could gain US$2 trillion by closing the gender pay gap.

Risk and possibility await 4IR companies and staff

As a society, we are on the precipice of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and we are only just beginning to understand the radical effects it will have on the way we communicate, live and work.

BOOK REVIEW | How to succeed in the African market

Home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Africa is a hot investment destination. More than 75 per cent of companies and investors in Africa are successful. Why? And how could you reap the benefits of doing business on the continent?

America’s BUILD Act – a silver lining for Africa

Tension between the two economic giants in the world, China and the United States (US), might have a silver lining for Africa. The administration of president Donald Trump is set to increase investment into the continent, in a bid to counter the narrative that China's influence in Africa is rising, while the US falls off with its 'America first' approach.

Foldable screens leading to convergence of computing devices?

Over the past 10 years, smartphones have eased dedicated personal navigation devices, standalone cameras, and alarm clocks out of most of our lives. Could notebook and desktop computers be next? Don’t bet against it—a combination of our changing habits and new technologies could one day turn the standalone computer into a niche device, in much the same way as SLR cameras are today.

Unlocking the 5G promise

Before we can truly embrace the tantalising promise of 5G, network operators must consider a number of architectural realities. As we head further into 2019, the world of telecoms continues to be abuzz with talk about 5G networks.

The market concerns facing South African investors

There are many concerns swirling around South African investors at the moment, making it a particularly tricky time to establish a level of strategy conviction. Major geopolitical events could have any number of outcomes and in South Africa (SA), pervasive uncertainty seems to be the watchword as we inch towards elections in May. 
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