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Driving customer value in the time of COVID-19

What should Customer Experience (CX) look like in the time of COVID-19? It may all come down to speed and convenience, or perhaps human touch and making a real connection is still key. Responsiveness, caring, an appreciation of the problem and ease of use is welcomed. The right solution for the right problem (no matter the size of the issue), handled professionally and ethically, is also valued.

The evolution of workspace – HR will need to go to...

The human resources (HR) challenge for this new world of work will be that best answers for dealing with these tectonic changes will likely come from employees, and not from an HR or change expert. Remember our mantra here: we’re in uncharted waters. After five months of this pandemic, we hope we’ve all torn up our company policy documents.

Best practice for back to work in the pandemic

COVID-19 introduces regulatory and ethical challenges to companies and employees returning to work. Stringent regulations and careful planning define the approaches of organisations and employees returning to the workplace in the pandemic.

Localisation: supporting a strong recovery in local manufacturing

Many people re-discovered their enthusiasm for local production during the disruptive, bewildering early days of the pandemic. The result is 'localisation', an emerging global trend that could revitalise local factories. If we respond quickly and wisely, there are three obvious benefits: economic resilience, more balanced trade, and greater fixed investment.

All data is important: BC equates protection and backup

In the modern world, data is regarded as the lifeblood of an organisation. Consequently, cyber threats have taught us that a reactive response to a data breach, regardless of the magnitude of the event, is no longer adequate. All data is important, therefore a more modern and innovative approach needs to be adopted to keeping it safe yet available.

Innovation can revitalise SA fuel forecourt retail business

Fuel forecourt retailers or convenience shops are highly vulnerable to disruption. Although their operations have always provided a convenience-driven competitive advantage, they now have a lot more to grapple with. South African consumers are more tech-savvy and time-strapped, demanding greater relevance and convenience from service providers, all within a tighter economy and rising fuel costs.

Tax tips for claiming home office expenses

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated many employees to work remotely from their homes during the lockdown period. This in turn has meant that employees had to ensure that a space, or part of their home, was set up in such a manner that it was conducive for them to work from home effectively and productively.

The role of a cool roof to help reduce the country’s...

Several years after the famed signing of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there is still much progress to be made on the road to a more sustainable world. Having signed the agreement, South Africa is facing hotter and drier summers, and continued high levels of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the rest of Africa.

Emerging technologies reshaping the modern enterprise

The convergence of enterprise technology trends will continue to profoundly transform all businesses and unlock potential for innovation, our 2020 Tech Trends report reveals. The report, and accompanying insights from our annual CIO survey and Tech Trend that give a global view of trends was launched at a pan-African virtual event we hosted, with more than 500 sub-Saharan clients and employees on 21 July 2020.

Digesting the plastic pact

In conversation with Diane Naicker, Packaging Development Manager, Danone South Africa. Inspired by its vision One Planet. One Health, Danone South Africa is reducing the use of non-recyclable and non-reusable plastic in its packaging processes, sourcing sustainable materials and working with partners to create a second-life for all plastics.



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