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Fixing the organisation starts with competent quality practitioners

This paper argues that when organisations compete in conditions of a complex economy in turmoil, quality remains an important aspect of competitiveness. The key issue still remains as to how quality management is implemented and continually organised, rather than just delving in just quality issues. Although respective literature points out that quality be the responsibility of management, the question still remains as to how this responsibility is organised and executed and what the roles of the quality managers are.

Understanding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

On December 8, 2020, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) gazetted ‘Regulations for the Mandatory Display and Submission of Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings’. This legislation signifies that by December 2022, certain buildings in South Africa must have and display an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Tenant eviction – what are your rights as landlord?

For most landlords, tenant evictions are a last resort, due to the substantial expense, lengthy time and emotionally taxing nature of this complex process. However, with the Q2 2023 PayProp Rental Index revealing that the number of tenants in arrears has risen to an alarming 18.4% - the highest figure recorded since 2021 - many have found themselves with no choice but to seek legal recourse.

Going off the grid? How it affects your insurance

By now you would be hard-pressed to find a South African who is not familiar with the terms Stage 1-6 of load shedding, or even the tongue-in-cheek, Eish-kom. All of these are used to describe the instability of the national power grid.

DMR’s 2018 mine health & safety statistics

At the beginning of March, the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) released the Mine Health and Safety Statistics (statistics) for 2018​. The DMR compiles and publishes these statistics annually.We have analysed the statistics and highlight some important facts together with some interesting insights.

Hybrid, but how? Confusion around the most asked office question this...

The hybrid worker of 2023 is recognised as very different from the pre-pandemic office worker - but how to manage the hybrid workspace is the number one question asked of. How to get the hybrid work model right is causing confusion in South African workplaces this year.

Engineering sector held back by lack of entrepreneurial skills

South Africa’s engineering sector is being held back by universities’ inability to teach entrepreneurial skills and breed a new generation of innovators and business...

Automation – better service delivery?

Automation continues to have a positive impact on the private sector locally and abroad, increasing productivity, customer and supplier satisfaction, and revenue as a result of massive cost savings and efficiencies gained across many industries.

Getting the most out of lockdown virtual meetings

Leverage virtual meeting tools and capabilities to cement customer and employee relationships. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries such as UK, USA, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Germany, among others to follow a lockdown approach.

Lean analytics – benefits for your business?

With increasing pressure to do more with less, businesses need to look at alternative methods to improve new product development and business growth. To reduce high wastage of valuable resources, an approach that revolutionised the way businesses develop products and grow is Lean Startup, a principled approach to building products.


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