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Office space mistakes

The office you choose for your business has a direct impact on your employees, your clients, and of course your bottom line. But getting this incredibly important decision wrong could mean devastating consequences. 

Blockchain set to free international trade from paper!

The paper Bill of Lading has been the foremost shipping document for centuries, and even today is all pervasive.  Around 90% of international trade takes...

Beyond Robotic Process Automation

Cloud Technology is a critical enabler of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Particularly when data intensive processes are involved, ‘platform as a service’ allows for innovative new ways for traditional problems to be solved, bringing agility, speed and scalability.


"With several economists of the opinion that the price of petrol and the fuel levy will continue to rise this year, the knock-on impact...

Companies must review critical security controls

Recent incidents have highlighted the need for all companies and organisations to review the safety and security of their data and their IT systems, as standard approaches no longer protect against myriad vulnerabilities.

REPORT | Movement and the economy – intimately linked

Like all sectors, commercial vehicle rental experiences a surge in business in periods of economic upswing. However, the almost direct correlation between van rentals and economic growth imply that movement is not just a gauge of the health of an economy, it is an economic driver in its own right.

Mining | Throttling the goose that lays golden eggs

The prolonged uncertainty created by the introduction of Mining Charter III and the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill [B 15D – 2013], has left SA’s mining industry in limbo. An industry that can ill afford any more financial setbacks.


An anticipated increase in demand for goods and services within Africa has the potential to give innovative companies with turnovers of between R300 million...

BPS needed across industries?

In the digital economy, business productivity solutions (BPS) have become essential to running an effective organisation. While various industries (like banking, supply chain, and...

An intelligent approach to Africa’s promising mobility revolution?

Kevin Pillay | Vice President for Mobility | Siemens Africa | Kevin.Pillay@Siemens.com | https://www.siemens.com/za/en/home.html | Despite the continent’s transport infrastructure lagging behind global standards for decades, Africa...
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