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Lean analytics – benefits for your business?

With increasing pressure to do more with less, businesses need to look at alternative methods to improve new product development and business growth. To reduce high wastage of valuable resources, an approach that revolutionised the way businesses develop products and grow is Lean Startup, a principled approach to building products.

DMR’s 2018 mine health & safety statistics

At the beginning of March, the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) released the Mine Health and Safety Statistics (statistics) for 2018​. The DMR compiles and publishes these statistics annually.We have analysed the statistics and highlight some important facts together with some interesting insights.

The software systems every small business must have in place

In today’s ever-changing technology landscape there are quite a few business owners who are unsure about which systems they need in place to ensure that their business is not only well managed now, but also geared for future growth.

Business travel under level 3

After more than two months of hard lockdown, corporate travellers have been itching to get back to the boardroom. With Level 3 regulations implemented on June 1, a number of businesses were able to resume operations while business travellers could – to some extent – take to the skies again.

Digesting the plastic pact

In conversation with Diane Naicker, Packaging Development Manager, Danone South Africa. Inspired by its vision One Planet. One Health, Danone South Africa is reducing the use of non-recyclable and non-reusable plastic in its packaging processes, sourcing sustainable materials and working with partners to create a second-life for all plastics.

Why co-working is the future of work

Co-working spaces are increasingly popular in South Africa and around the world as more people and companies jump on the trend. From what we have seen in past few years and the massive expected further adoption of shared work spaces as the norm, we think it is the future of work.

Operating call centres for essential services during the lockdown

On 9 April 2020, the Government issued Notice 43224, Regulation 459, effective as of 9 April 2020 which provides directions regarding the operation of Essential Service Call Centres during the Lockdown Period. 

Productivity trends for 2019

The past year has seen more business owners act to boost their employees’ productivity – with new tools and more flexibility. The cost of poor workplace productivity is difficult to measure. How can business owners fully know the cost of inefficient processes, out-of-date technology, de-motivated employees, wasted time and missed opportunities?

What is agile working and why is it taking off?

Agile working, where employers offer fewer constraints and plenty of flexibility to an employee, is increasingly popular. But how should businesses adapt to this trend? 

Why we really need to get back to working in the...

After nearly two months of remote working, South Africans are ready to get back to working in the office as the initial novelty of remote working has revealed unexpected difficulties, detracting from people doing their jobs properly. The reality of working from home was certainly different to expectations now that we are well into what is a giant social experiment.



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