From survival mode to rebuilding customer trust

While COVID-19 is certainly not a thing of the past, as a society we appear to be starting to find ways of living with the virus and, for most people at least, taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from being infected by it. The same can be said for many businesses.

Unravelling the web of deception – can AI help eradicate fake...

In an age of information overload, the battle against fake news has become a defining challenge for media consumers, journalists, and technology innovators alike. The proliferation of misinformation poses a threat to public discourse, trust in journalism, and even democratic processes. Can we ever completely rid ourselves of fake news, and could AI be the key to addressing this pressing issue?

Brands need to tap into the ‘experience economy’ for sales growth

The prospect of another year of lack-lustre growth presents forward-thinking business leaders with the perfect reason to tap into the ‘experience economy’. The country’s lackadaisical approach to customer experience is a glaring gap that could deliver tangible results if properly filled.

In-store retail tactics

Despite the global shift to digital marketing and mobile platforms, the unique African retail environment will rely on in-store experiences to drive sales for the foreseeable future. While retailers on the continent might be tempted to simply adopt best practices from the United States and the United Kingdom, those more developed markets do not have the same obstacles that exist locally.

Generating new business and thriving

COVID-19 changed the world as we know it, and along with it, customer expectations. Everything is evolving and those organisations that want to thrive, add value, and solve customers’ challenges, will need to have a hard look at their products and services to accommodate the shifts that are happening.

Companies are urged to become compliant or face higher penalties

From 1 March 2024, latecomers to the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud scheme will face a five per cent increase on the late joiner’s fee imposed by the Board in March 2022. The fee is based on a percentage of the annual participation fee, which in turn is based on turnover (see table below).

Using digital to personalise customer services

Digitalisation has led to customers having an overwhelming number of choices in purchasing choices, brand selections and generally – everything they do. When presented with too many choices, many customers are likely to make poor decisions and disconnect with brands. When it comes to options, simplicity wins. Companies succeed when they cater to the individual customer and make it easier for them to consume what they want, how and when they want.

Tech-wise, savvy SA youths have definite brand expectations

Most of South Africa’s corporate marketers are bypassing the youth market, a 46% slice of today’s consumers who, although they may not yet have the buying power of their parents, are key decision makers when it comes to identifying trends, promoting brands and ultimately influence the majority of household buying decisions.

Thabi Leoka – what an incredibly sad & unfortunate situation

Well known economist, Thabi Leoka’s meteoric fall from grace was pretty much self-inflicted. It’s the old adage of "don’t tell a lie, you will be caught out". However, this whole situation could have been prevented, and misconceptions cleared up years ago, had all the entities involved done their due diligence.

2022 e-commerce trends

The events of the last few years have hit the fast forward button for the South African e-commerce industry. According to Geopoll, e-commerce grew by 66% YoY (Year over Year) in 2020, while brick and mortar retail fell by 30%.


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