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Fri, Jun 18, 2021

Why most marketing divisions fail at CX

Globally, executives have woken up to the fact that we now find ourselves in an evolved marketplace where customer experience (CX) has emerged as the key driver of sustainable business growth. In fact, a study we commissioned, Expectations Vs Experience: The Good, The Bad, The Opportunity, indicates that a mere one-point increase in experience scores can translate into millions of dollars of annual revenue (the 'good'). 

The new brand reality story – using VR, AR and gamification

The move towards virtual, augmented reality and gamification is becoming increasingly effective in brand’s story telling. Our first experiences define us: the first kiss, our first day at school, the first broken arm, baby’s first smile and that first broken heart.

SME’s need branding know how

Despite an optimistic outlook for small and medium enterprises this year, experts have warned that entrepreneurs cannot afford simple mistakes if they are to get ahead in tough local conditions.

Restarting the fashion supply chain in a post-pandemic world

The apparel sector has been fundamentally altered by the impact of COVID-19. The last number of months have seen increasing pressure on the sector due to abrupt order cancellations, halted payments for suppliers and workers along with enforced factory and store closures.

There’s never been a better time to be in be in...

It’s safe to say the pandemic has sparked a record demand for tech products and solutions. Though business leaders have been talking about digital transformation for years, COVID-19 has been the catalyst for them to stop talking and start implementing.

Blockchain is poised to shake up the media!

Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt existing business models and enable new ones, and the media industry will be the first to feel...

Offering a meaningful CX by augmenting your digital channels

Business leaders need to offer clients an omni-channel experience that comprises all the touch points that a consumer could have whilst interacting with a specific brand. It’s now time to focus on the customer interaction and to exceed consumer expectations.

Readership | PAMS introduces AIR and CORE?

Consumers are interacting with media content in more sophisticated ways, accessing content on multiple devices, and at any time. In light of this, a new reading currency was required to achieve an accurate measurement of reading behaviour across multiple platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising.

Digital communication key to good CX

Over the past few years, companies have started paying increasing amounts of attention to customer experience (CX). While the idea behind it (customers will keep coming back to a business if they have a good experience), is hardly new, it’s become more and more of a science.

The rise of gaming in Africa

Gaming is growing at an incredible pace all around the world. In fact global revenue is estimated to be worth over $159 billion in 2021 with a projected compound annual growth rate of 10.5% until 2026. The forecast is even bigger for Africa as the continent plays catch up with the rest of the world.


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