Unleashing the power of African creativity

In recent years, the world has witnessed a remarkable shift in the global creative landscape, with African creativity arising as a powerful force to be reckoned with. As statistics and industry reports affirm, it is indeed our time to lead, and we have every reason to be proud of the incredible talent emanating from the diverse and rich cultures across the continent.

Improving debt collection & customer service through omnichannel

South Africa narrowly escaped a technical recession, according to the latest figures released by Stats SA in early March. Recession or no recession, growth is just not high enough to improve economic conditions and coupled with record interest rates and increasing prices at the fuel pump and grocery store, South Africans are under pressure.

Online brand protection – best practices for brand owners

Online shopping is prevalent due to the ease and convenience with which consumers can purchase goods or services. Consumer decisions to purchase branded goods or services range from the repute of the brand and whether there is an event taking place which is endorsed by or associated with the brand for example a major sporting event, to customer reviews.

Refocusing CX in 2024 – key areas

In today’s rapidly evolving market, customer experience (CX) is a battleground for companies vying to secure a competitive edge. Globally, evidence of the unequivocal correlation between CX and a company’s financial performance is widely understood.

Political parties need to talk our dreams & address our fears

It always amazes me how much time political parties devote to other parties. It is not as if we would think that they support or admire their competitor, and it’s not as if their view of their nemesis is likely to convince us of anything.

Generative AI poses significant reputation & trust risks

Sports Illustrated – which was dragged through a protracted scandal after it was found that its publisher The Arena Group allowed artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content in the magazine, and the subsequent fallout including its CEO being fired and a missed license payment – has recently received a lifeline in the form of a new publisher in Minute Media.

Opening a second business location – steps to expansion

The prospect of expanding your business to a second location might be an enticing opportunity for growth. But it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Careful planning, critical analysis, and data-informed execution are essential to ensuring your new location’s success.

Uniting innovation, insights & strategy for guest-centric success

In an era dominated by technology and data, the hospitality industry stands at the crossroads of transformation. Leveraging data and embracing digital innovations are becoming imperative for hotels to deliver exceptional guest experiences and stay competitive.

The art of personalised hospitality – crafting unforgettable experiences

In the bustling world of hospitality, each guest arrives with a unique set of expectations, preferences, and desires. I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how technology has transformed the landscape of personalised guest experiences, ushering in a new era of innovation and connection.

Identity platforms – safeguarding your online betting

Online betting in South Africa is a thriving business, expected to become a billion-dollar sector within four years. But there are risks, especially as the digital era makes it easy to forge identities. Betting companies must manage fraud risks and honour legislation, avoid financial and reputational damage, and continue investing in customer relationships.


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