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The pitfalls of AI technology for customer experience

The number of local businesses harnessing AI technology has drastically increased in 2020, as customers look to drive their own experiences with brands and businesses through omnichannel strategies. However, the level of understanding around the best use of AI technologies, like chatbots, remains low.

Preventing cybercrime incidents on Cyber Monday and beyond

This year has seen many more businesses moving online, adopting ecommerce models in an effort to continue to reach their customers as COVID-19 wreaked havoc. While this has opened up markets to hundreds of thousands of new customers, it also has the potential to create vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday amidst a pandemic

We are on the cusp of the festive shopping season, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicking off the spending spree in the run up to Christmas and Boxing Day. However, this year’s shopping season will be very different compared to previous years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The upshot is that many South Africans are emerging from the pandemic with considerably less spending power.

Brand evolution: how to keep it authentic

The role of brands in society is constantly shifting, but they’re becoming an ever more important part of our lives. This article explores holistic brand building and how to stay true to your principles as you evolve. The role that brands play in society has changed dramatically over the decades.

Black Friday: high risk – high reward

Black Friday is what happens when the dangerous mixture of anxiety and excitement are blended in a retail test tube. Although we might think that we know what is going to happen, the result is almost never as predictable as we would like it to be; with the risk that it might all blow up always a possibility. Each year in the build-up to the day, both consumers and suppliers deal with the fact that things can go horribly wrong.

Black Friday 2020: trends, pitfalls and opportunities

With the Black Friday shopping frenzy around the corner, the digital economy this year is expected to receive an enormous boost as many people will want to avoid crowds and take their shopping online. After a difficult year marked by severe disruptions and decreased demand, businesses will also be relying on this period to make up for losses due to the pandemic.

Interactive sport and action now have a new meaning

In the early 1980s, adventure games such as The Hobbit were the beginning of interactive entertainment on basic 8-bit computers, where the player could choose the narrative of the game by selecting their preferred options for completing the adventure course at each stage.

Smashing the stereotypes

South African brands have experienced several marketing blunders over the years, with the recent haircare brand catastrophe gaining considerable international attention on the back of consumer uproar and political party protests.

The (very) digital wrap-up of 2020

Brands across the globe are slowly but surely coming to terms with a world in the midst of COVID-19. Doing so has resulted in major campaigns being placed on ice or pivoted to a digital execution. The latter has significantly increased as brands used the opportunity to talk to their target audience online.

Don’t get trapped in the minutiae of measurement

One of the great things about digital marketing is the ability to track and measure all your efforts across all channels and in immense detail. It is also one of the dangers. Marketing leaders should be wary of a bottom-up approach to measurement, which could leave them with a skewed view of their efforts - often at the expense of business performance. 


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