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Big data analytics & MDM – key to building a customer-centric...

Modern enterprises are increasingly leveraging big data to achieve faster and better business decision making power, and as well as to gain useful insights that can drive efficiency and improve the overall customer journey. Big data is essentially a combination of structured and unstructured data that is huge in volume and grows exponentially with time.

Digital hygiene and mindful communication: defending against doxing

With our lives essentially transferred to the digital world since last year, keeping our digital space safe and secure has become more important than ever. Recognition of the importance of online privacy led to the growth of privacy-focused products, yet many people remain confused about what dangers the exposure of personal data may lead to.

How technology, partnerships and people can help build resilience at work

If businesses have learned one thing during the pandemic it is that resilience, rather than being a tactic to respond to crisis, is a discipline cultivated over time. Today, to not have a digital strategy is to not have a strategy. To build resilience at work, organisations need to start thinking about virtual and remote models, provision of tools that enable collaboration from anywhere, and strategies to look after their peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.

Technologies that should be part of your future CCM strategy

Customer expectations are evolving faster today than ever before. That’s hardly surprising. In an always-on world where people have devices with them all the time, they’re exposed to great digital experiences on a daily basis. When a customer has a great experience in one sector, they expect the same from all of their service providers. 

A world first – DNA test for resilience!

For the first time ever, we can measure a person’s genetic capacity for resilience and improve it - thanks to a ground-breaking new DNA test which has been developed by a South African biotech company. Resilience refers to a person’s grit – their ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events.

The future supply chain is purpose-driven by intelligent technology

The retail supply chain is large and complex, and constantly needs to adapt to meet changing demand from end consumers. The need for multi-channel fulfilment across online and in store adds to this complexity. Accurate demand forecasting is critical to every part of the chain, from manufacture to distribution to sales.

Embracing changing network connectivity

There can be no arguing that the past year has been disruptive to everything we do in our professional and personal lives. Virtually overnight, people around the world had to start video conferencing, remote working, and even virtual schooling whether their infrastructure could support it or not.

Security assessments prevent breaches

The age-old adage of prevention is better than cure is becoming more and more relevant as organisations both transition to the cloud and manage the ever-increasing perimeter of people working remotely. To remedy your security woes, the questions you need to answer include: Do you know what your cybersecurity posture is, do you know where the gaps are that you are not considering, are you sure you are taking all the elements in your business into account when you are crafting your policies?

Obsidian enables complaint resolution at healthcare provider with Jira

Obsidian Systems was approached by a leading South African healthcare solutions provider to optimise its customer complaints system that was wholly reliant on email which resulted in service delays and a negative end user experience.

Why the cloud demands a new operational mindset

IT teams and leaders could be squandering financial resources by failing to adjust entrenched attitudes. With cloud computing now firmly entrenched on the C-suite agenda as a way to cut costs, create new digital opportunities and drive operational efficiencies, many of Africa’s largest businesses are shifting to a fully cloud-based or hybrid cloud IT environment.


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