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How might enterprise networks leverage the Cloud Continuum?

An entire continuum of cloud solutions now exists across the organisation, spanning public and private clouds, applications, data, edge devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. They were combined with the need for flexible 'anywhere, everywhere' access.

REVIEW | Logitech Brio – One webcam to rule them all

The Logitech Brio is the webcam to rule them all. Most integrated laptop webcams provide a poor visual experience for those watching from the other side, as they are at either 720p or lower resolution, resulting in grainy or low-res video.

SMEs vulnerable to cyber attacks

South Africa has the sixth highest rate of cybercrime victims worldwide, according to a report by international cybersecurity company Surfshark. Following the breach of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal data by hackers, consumers have been cautioned to remain vigilant when visiting websites and making online transactions.

The top tech trends transforming digital banking

Super apps, banking-as-a-service, behavioural banking and cyber security. These are just a few of the trends that promise to make the future of banking fast, frictionless, and personalised. The increasing prevalence of smartphones means that billions now have an entire banking system in their pockets.

Low-code can help accelerate digital transformation for the insurance industry

The insurance industry was once a bastion for slow, conservative business practices. But as other industries have either embraced digital transformation or have been radically upended by technology-driven startups, most insurers have realised that they have to follow suit.

Modern ERP driving integration and process excellence

In today’s fast moving, quick changing, increasingly competitive business environment, good enough is no longer good enough. Manufacturers must achieve enterprise-wide visibility, total collaborate, agility and flexibility to respond to a changing market and grow.

Key steps to unlock innovation in hybrid cloud environments

While the general opinion by industry observers is that organisations will virtualise the majority of applications and workloads and move to the public cloud – with the public cloud representing up to 80% of companies' infrastructure footprints – most businesses have pivoted to a hybrid approach in response to the need for more balance.

Intelligence at the edge drives business optimisation and efficiency

Businesses today must be more agile, efficient and proactive than ever, a feat that can only be successfully achieved through digital technologies that deliver enhanced intelligence, including the intelligent cloud, and the ability to process and analyse data at source, also known as the intelligent edge.

Concerns raised over the new .co.za rules

The ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) has published draft rules aimed at further regulating the registration and operation of websites in South Africa. For local hosting companies that offer domain name registrations and registrar services, additional license conditions and fees payable via the registry may impact their ability to offer competitive pricing.

Why a future skills gap analysis is necessary

In light of increasing technological advancements, employers must identify future skills in order to provide a flexible and agile workplace. A skills gap analysis can help determine the most valuable skills for a company and establish a plan for staff development.


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