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Interactive sport and action now have a new meaning

In the early 1980s, adventure games such as The Hobbit were the beginning of interactive entertainment on basic 8-bit computers, where the player could choose the narrative of the game by selecting their preferred options for completing the adventure course at each stage.

Cybersecurity issues require shared responsibility

Building a safer cybersecurity environment requires a collaborative approach by regulators and industry players across the planet. A recent report by Strategy Analytics, a global technology and media analyst agency, rated Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia as the top three global 5G RAN vendors in terms of equipment performance, RAN product portfolio, R&D investment and subscriber projections.

Cloud is now an urgent business mandate

We can all agree that COVID-19 created an unprecedented wake-up call, and organisations everywhere have had a very powerful and direct reminder of the importance of systems resilience, agility, adaptability and scalability. Now, as businesses look for ways to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty heightened by the pandemic, the focus has shifted to sustaining operations under severe disruption, flexing to address highly volatile customer demand, and managing vastly increased needs for remote network access.

The (very) digital wrap-up of 2020

Brands across the globe are slowly but surely coming to terms with a world in the midst of COVID-19. Doing so has resulted in major campaigns being placed on ice or pivoted to a digital execution. The latter has significantly increased as brands used the opportunity to talk to their target audience online.

REVIEW | CAT S62 Smartphone – tough and ready for anything

Trustworthy, reliable, tough, and dare I say good looking, the new top of the line phone from CAT the S62 is all this and at a lower price than its predecessor. CAT has a long history of phones for those that work in a challenging environment, and with the new CAT S62 they have aimed at creating a device that looks good yet can take as much, if not more punishment, than anything else out there.

Don’t get trapped in the minutiae of measurement

One of the great things about digital marketing is the ability to track and measure all your efforts across all channels and in immense detail. It is also one of the dangers. Marketing leaders should be wary of a bottom-up approach to measurement, which could leave them with a skewed view of their efforts - often at the expense of business performance. 

Platform modernisation holds the growth promise in retail sector

Retailers are transforming their digital capabilities to attract new customers and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. The global pandemic has shown us the importance of being able to quickly shift with changes in the environment, for example, enabling contactless payments, supporting a remote workforce, and pivoting to entirely new business models.

Trust: the currency of value in a world of virtual everything

In a world where digital is now everywhere and data is driving everything, trust has become the currency of value. To trust is human. It’s through that invisible human bond that all business and societal relationships are developed and sustained.

Industry certification confirms cybersecurity for Huawei customers

Mobile-internet developments have made smart devices the most popular way to go online. These devices store a wealth of user data with an increasing number of apps installed from uncontrolled sources, but also raise security risks.

Digital border management can enable rapid contact tracing

As air travel gradually starts to recover and country borders begin to open again, health and safety remain at the heart of efforts to get more passengers in the air and to keep borders open. Airlines and industry bodies have called for the integration of systematic testing into the international travel process.



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