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Fri, May 24, 2019

REVIEW | New Nokia 6.1 built to last and designed to...

Nokia has released their latest version of the Nokia 6, the new Nokia 6.1 which despite its incremental number packs an even more powerful performance and new features into a more compact, durable body.

Retail Beacons Merge Mobile to Store

You know what shoppers are doing online – but do you know what they are doing in-store? Consumers are increasingly using digital technology to assist...

Understanding hackers

While the motivation behind major cyberattacks is often unclear, there are some steps that can be taken by a business, to improve security and aim to keep the hackers out. The reality globally is that cyber criminals are becoming relentless - and 2017 proved to be no exception. In 2016 we saw unprecedented attacks, politically motivated sabotage and overt attempts to disrupt electoral processes. Unfortunately, these trends continued in 2017 and show no signs of abating in the future. Innovation, economies of scale, new sophistication and trends that open up...

Automation – better service delivery?

Automation continues to have a positive impact on the private sector locally and abroad, increasing productivity, customer and supplier satisfaction, and revenue as a result of massive cost savings and efficiencies gained across many industries.

Defeat data chaos in the ‘Age of the Connected Individual’

Currently, organisations have access to more data than ever before. However, this data cannot be used to its full advantage if it cannot be identified, located, and established if it can be trusted. An effective data catalogue and governance programme can turn that around. This will be critical as we move from the Age of Big Data and personalisation to the Age of the Connected Individual in 2020 where data and how it is used will determine your competitiveness.

Technology-led or soon-to-be-dead?

The future of business is in the cloud. That is the message from global analysts as the latest IT sales figures show a marked shift away from hardware. The shift to cloud services and other Digital Business solutions has slashed Gartner's global IT spending growth forecasts by half: a cut of $67bn for this year alone, with data centre growth predicted at a modest 0.3% in 2017.

AFRICA’s SKILLS GAP – radical intervention needed!

The dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Sthe Shabangu, Lead: Public Relations, Public Affairs and Corporate Citizenship, Samsung Africa asks whether we are doing enough to ensure Africa is ready. Africa is standing before a small window of opportunity to grow future-ready leaders equipped to take on a new era of industry.

Pillars for your cyber defense?

Is your security compromising the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your business? Cybercrime is on the rise, affecting vulnerable businesses across the globe. The effects of...

Next-generation enterprises to encourage collaboration

The effective next-generation digital workplace is not just a traditional workplace enabled by digital technologies. In order to perform as a fully-fledged digital enterprise, organisations need a complete mind-set shift in terms of operations and culture.


There is lots of talk of fibre to the home and fibre to everywhere at the moment. The question is what you can do...
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