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Skullcandy has been making good value and attractive sounding earbuds and headphones for a few years and their latest truly wireless earbuds are a great balance of size quality and sound. Steven Ambrose plugs in and listens hard.

Skullcandy brands themselves as manufacturers of nonconformist trendy and sporty headphones, for the adventurous at heart. They have a signature of bold bass and solid clear highs, but when it comes to making a range of headphones Skullcandy has earned a reputation as being a quality product at an affordable price.

The hardware

The new Sesh earbuds are some of the smaller in-ear earbuds around and look and feel solid and well made. The Sesh earbuds have a one-button control system that lets you do everything. Including changing the volume, songs, taking calls, and activating the digital assistant. The Skullcandy Sesh is properly wireless; there are no wires connecting the two earbuds.

The Skullcandy Sesh comes with a charging case, which offers multiple charges and slipping the earbuds in and out is simple. The case is a little large compared to other brands, but closes securely and charges fast via micro USB.

The single button control system takes a few minutes to master. The clicks are physical, and the response is quick. Increasing the volume is accomplished by double-clicking the right bud twice in quick succession. To lower, repeat this on the left bud. To start Siri or Google assistant three clicks are required. I found this became repeatable after a little trial and error.


To pair the Sesh open the case and take the earpieces out and search via the Bluetooth menu on your phone. They paired with both Android and iPhones quickly and worked exceptionally well with no dropout or fade despite moving the phone away while training at the gym or running about the office during a day’s work.

The Skullcandy Sesh is rated IP 55 water-resistant, excellent for running, gym, and the occasional dampness, you can’t go swimming, however. There is a mono mode on the right earbud. Battery life is decent, but not the best in the category with around three hours per charge. Popping the Sesh back into the case will give you a quick change for another two or three times from the case.

The fit

The Skullcandy fit well, the light construction and small size make them almost instantly comfortable. No wires make for a tangle-free listening experience, but there is always the possibility of them falling out and getting lost.

Skullcandy is offering a ‘Fearless Use Promise” which states if you damage or lose either bud, they will replace it at a discount. The exact amount will depend on the pricing at a release date in South Africa, but I was assured this would be very fair and attractive.

The Sesh buds are designed to be noise-isolating, and with the silicon earbuds, do seal out ambient sounds. This works best when you get the right fit with the silicon earbuds. A few sizes are included and fit most people’s ears.

After an extended session listening or at the gym I did find they tended to slip out a little, but not having touch controls makes them easy to push in and not change songs or pause the music.

The sound

Skullcandy has got the size fit and battery life spot on with the Sesh. Moreover, the magic continues with the sound. They instantly have the Skullcandy signature, bold, bright, with good bass, for an earbud.

Overall the bass is solid, and the Sesh sound flatters fast and exiting music, what the Sesh lacks in refinement with some music it makes up in sounding exiting. The Sesh also go loud, possibly into a little not good for your ear’s territory, but these are Skullcandy’s.

The sound is perfect for the price and is close to far more expensive competitors, losing out only in some refinement and definition.


Skullcandy has stuck to its proven formula of good quality and performance for a reasonable price. The Sesh earbuds are solid performers both in connectivity and sound and offer good life proof construction that should give many hours of listening pleasure.

The battery life is decent for most users, and the charging of the buds in the case and the case itself is quick. If you want a pair of truly wireless earbuds that sound good, connect seamlessly, and leave you wire-free check out the new Skullcandy Sesh.

Available soon for under R1,000.00.

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