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In the hyper-connected internet age, it’s easy to forget that the radio has kept us all enthralled informed and entertained for almost a century. The worlds first commercial radio station KDKA Pittsburg went live on Nov 2, 1920, and the rest is history

There are hundreds and thousands of radio shows globally broadcast on FM AM SW, and now more than ever streamed live on the internet. Radio has always crossed borders with the famous Voice of America and the BBC world service key players in keeping people informed from cites to far-flung Jungles.

There now is a better way to listen to a massive amount of global radio stations. Radio Garden is a website and Android as well as an iOS app that uses a very cool globe presentation that is populated with streaming radio stations from across the globe.

Where it started

Radio Garden was started in 2016 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for an exhibition for international research project Transnational Radio Encounters

In early 2019 Jonathan Puckey turned Radio Garden into a company and together with his small team are working to making Radio Garden the best way to listen to radio from anywhere, on any device, wherever you may be.


All you need to do is go to the website click on the play now and scroll the globe to find a station of your choice.

The choice is entirely overwhelming, to make sense of this Radio Garden uses the Cesium open source 3D Globe and Maps with an overlay of every know radio station across the globe, all presented in a simple easy to use interface.

Selecting a station is simple, use your mouse or finger in the app, to scroll and zoom in and touch a dot to play the station instantly. Big dots list a choice of stations for you to choose from, smaller dots play instantly.

You can save your favourites to a list both on the app and on the website. There is also a link to the radio stations web site which can be very useful

I have yet to find a more straightforward slicker way to listen to radio station across the globe. If you have an internet connection every single station, I have tried streamed quickly and in good quality.

If exploring other countries or your home countries radio station is attractive for you then Radio garden is the simplest way you find a station and listen.  Until now you had to either be in the transmission footprint of a radio station, or you had to know  that the station was available online before you could go and stream on the internet, now is simple and frankly very cool.

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