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REVIEW | Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Big bold and super quick is just the beginning. Samsung’s Galaxy phones have been Android market leaders for years. As mobile technology matures it has become harder to differentiate mobile phones, Samsung has pulled out all the technological stops to exceed the best and bring new capabilities to their current flagship Galaxy S20 series.

REVIEW | Cat 52 Rugged phone

Rugged does not mean big and ugly, and the latest Cat 52 phone could pass for any of the newest modern devices with one big bonus. Rain nor shine nor snow nor water will stop that call or picture or whatever it is you want to do, as the Cat 52 is built tough from the outside in. Steven Ambrose tried to fault the Cat 52 with some shock and water tests and came away impressed.

REVIEW I Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung has released a refreshed and updated Galaxy A series. The promise of this new range is powerful high-end features at a reasonable price. Steven Ambrose explored how far mid-priced phones have come in the past few years.

REVIEW | LG G8X THINQ – two screens on a...

Foldable screens and new form factors are the trends with mobile devices. LG has come up with a novel solution to much more screen on your mobile phone without breaking the bank. The new LG G8X THINQ offers two screens at the price of many flagship phones. Dual screens double the available screen area and adds real value to productivity and gaming. Steven Ambrose unfolds the G8X THINQ and reports back.

REVIEW | Samsung Galaxy A30s

Samsung is the world’s largest maker and seller of mobile phones. Samsung has models across the price spectrum from low end to ultra-high-end. The competition in the mid to low end has never been fiercer, and Samsung has found its competitors has been nipping at their heels. Samsung has responded as only Samsung can do with the new A range and the Galaxy A30s may be the best bargain of the series.

REVIEW | Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Tracker

Fitbit's latest Versa 2 builds on the solid base of their last model. The wearable market has stabilised as competition faded in the past few years and Fitbit have been one of the few to stay true to simple easy to use, yet highly versatile wearables.

REVIEW | iPhone 11 Pro Mobile to the Max

Apple upgrade cycles have become regular enough to set your clock to, and each iteration on their iPhone is always the best they have ever made. 2019 is no different, and yet this is by far the best iPhone ever made. Huge leaps in photography and speed along with general improvements have resulted in a significant upgrade on the iPhone XS from last year.

REVIEW | Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has introduced a whole new category of smartphone with the Galaxy Fold. Smartphones have been getting bigger and bigger with each new version yet physically there is a limit in terms of portability and usability. With the new Samsung Galaxy Fold Samsung have brought together the best of the smartphone and tablet in one device.

REVIEW | Herman Miller Cosm chair

Sitting in the office is often a necessary evil. Imagine the perfect chair which adapts seamlessly to your sitting position and makes your workday effortless. Herman Millar has created such a chair the Cosm. It may not be a gadget in the exact sense of the word but the new Herman Millar Cosm range of office chairs tick all the boxes for innovation based on smart technology, even though they don’t need a plug.

REVIEW | LG G8S ThinQ Smartphone

LG has hit the streets with its latest smartphone, the G8s. The G8 with some exciting technology was announced at MWC Barcelona in February and finally reached our shores with the G8s version. There are some innovative technologies and a broad set of flagship features. The question is has LG done enough with the G8 to stay relevant in a crowded market. Steven Ambrose explores.



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