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Fitbit’s latest Versa 2 builds on the solid base of their last model. The wearable market has stabilised as competition faded in the past few years and Fitbit have been one of the few to stay true to simple easy to use, yet highly versatile wearables.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a highly accomplished all-rounder, it looks good, performs well as a smartwatch companion to your phone, plays well with Apple and Android and together with its companion app is a real health and activity tracker.

The hardware

The Fitbit Versa 2 design is pebbly and squarish with a good fit and finish. At first glance, the new fitness watch does look similar to its predecessor, and a few small tweaks give the Versa 2 a more stylish and polished look indeed.

With a depth of only 12mm, it’s a bit thicker than the Apple Watch 3, as the chassis tapers inward, it looks slimmer. The screen size is 40mm, which is a good compromise for both men and women.

The bezels on the Versa 2 are slightly thinner, resulting in a bigger screen which is upgraded to OLED This works far better in bright light and has better colour and contrast.

The original Versa had three buttons on the chassis, and the Versa 2 has a single button on the left which serves as both the select and back button, which works much better for most functions. The screen accepts touch, and I found the Versa 2 more comfortable to use.

GPS is not built-in and you would have to use the paired phone as GPS if you want the watch to track your walks or runs. This would be a problem if the Versa 2 was aimed at hardcore runners. Weekend warriors such as myself will usually take the phone with on the run and use Runtastic or Strava to track the route so the Versa can add heart rate and other information.

The app

The companion app which is available for Android and Apple devices is slick and easy to use. You can customise the home screen layout and add the functions that are key to your fitness or health journey.

Setting up the Fitv=bit Versa 2 is simple via the app and took much faster than previous Fitbits in my experience. Software updates are also done via the app.

Leaving always on syncing does affect battery life, but on the Versa 2 is was marginal.


Fitbit has successfully refined the Versa, offering better construction better screen a faster experience and a simplifies control setup with the one-button design. The downside is that the Versa 2 does not have GPS for hardcore runners who don’t want to take their phones with them, and as a smartwatch cannot match the more full-featured Apple or Samsung devices.

The almost 6-day battery life along with the excellent health tracking and the well thought out companion app makes the Versa 2 very compelling. There are better, and more expensive fitness watches and better smartwatches, yet the Vesa 2 hits the middle ground. The price at just under R4,000.00 is good value for the performance and features.

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