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REVIEW | Huawei P40 Pro – almost the best

What a difference a year makes, and this has nothing to do with COVID. With the launch of the P30 Pro Huawei launched a challenge against Samsung and Apple for dominance of the high end of Mobile devices.

REVIEW | Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Tracker

Fitbit's latest Versa 2 builds on the solid base of their last model. The wearable market has stabilised as competition faded in the past few years and Fitbit have been one of the few to stay true to simple easy to use, yet highly versatile wearables.

REVIEW | Nokia 9 PureView

Smartphones have many uses but the most common today, outside some calling, is that of a camera. Document your life or use it professionally; the roles are endless. All the smartphone manufacturers are outdoing themselves to make the best camera smartphone on the market, and the number of lenses is key to this race.

REVIEW I Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless buds

Jabra has created some of the best in-ear earbuds that have no wires in the Elite 65 series. While Jabra has made notable headphones for a few years the Elite 65t may be some of the best.

REVIEW I Apple iPhone Xs Max

September always brings a new crop of Apples and this year was a bumper crop. No less than three models in many various colours were on offer from Apple Inc.

NEW | Apple of my Eye

Apple has released the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, their most advanced iPhones ever.

Apple and value creation

Ann Crotty, in the Financial Mail (The price we pay for Apple’s greed) paints Apple as a blight upon our civilization, an entity that only takes and gives nothing in return. Apart from the assumption that businesses must ‘give back’ (which goes unexamined in articles attacking capitalism and profit), the biggest problem with Mrs Crotty’s argument is that it rests on the idea that Apple held a gun to its customers’ heads and forced them to hand over their money.

REVIEW | Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

Beats headphones have long been the chosen accessory for the cool set. Beats Audio has now released their latest in their line of Studio headphones the series 3.

REVIEW: Fitbit ionic smartwatch

Fitbit have released their latest device and it is a fully-fledged smartwatch offering. The Fitbit Ionic is a clean, classic looking device focusing on health and sport with some unique features. Steven Ambrose runs swims and trains to see what the Fitbit ionic can do.


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