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Artificial Intelligence – how can it benefit AFRICA?

As AI gains traction, concerns loom over the future of jobs in numerous industries. Can we offset these risks, and is it worth it to even try? The rise of the robot, widely considered the next industrial revolution, is a global talking point with the fate of Africa forming a large question mark.

COVID-19 brings into sharp relief the risks faced by gig workers

South Africa’s current national state of disaster, and the uncertainty that has gripped the world, will especially impact the most vulnerable groups in our society. That includes those in casual or insecure employment who face two possibilities in the reality of social distancing: loss of income, or ongoing exposure to the virus through the front-line nature of their work.

How AI and ML can solve the problem of medical fraud

Medical malpractice litigation costs South Africa millions of Rands every year and drives up the cost of healthcare. While some claims of medical negligence have merit, the unfortunate reality is that there has been a spike in fraud in this area since 2017.

AI is artificial without analytics

Despite the current wave of excitement around the importance of analytics within the modern enterprise, BI and analytics have dominated analyst hype lists for...

2021 trends for business, consumers and society

As the COVID-19 crisis redefines how economies and society as a whole function, human ingenuity has sparked a wave of innovation set to be the blueprint for the decades to come. According to the 2021 Trends, organisations will have the opportunity to map out new territory as they embrace new strategies, services and experiences to meet evolving human needs.

How will the move by Google impact Huawei?

Huawei is not listed, and the shares are owned by the employees. The move by Google is likely to have a negative effect on the company, and Huawei may lose some customers. That said, there may be a slight buffer of customer retention given the rollout of Huawei phones using its own operating system should the ban persist.

Where to next for the Apex Primate?

When you look at the mammal that is Homo sapiens in the context of geological time, the 200,000 years we have been around is...

Mobile apps boost growth

Mobile apps are the easiest way to connect and communicate with customers and they are also changing the way clients interact with brands and businesses. Business leaders are fast realising that mobile apps are one of the most effective strategies to boost business growth.

COVID-19 catalysing contactless cashless payments

People’s safety concerns about transmission through contact has resulted in COVID-19 becoming a catalyst for the adoption of cashless payments globally and even more so in South Africa, with the disruption expected to effect lasting changes in the way people transact with cards and cash.

Smoke and mirrors on spectrum

Access to more data is vital for economic growth and education. Young people spend more and more time on mobile devices - the fewer regulations and the more competition we have in SA, the more they will be enabled to access a whole universe of educational resources. The government can either aid in empower young people by letting go of control over data, or it can inhibit a real, transformative, empowering process by bumbling from spectrum allocation ‘deadline’ to ‘deadline.’ The choice, and unlimited potential, are clear: massive pressure must be put on government to get radio spectrum allocated.


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