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REPORT | Enterprises have adapted to drastic changes

We presented our 12th annual Tech Trends report identifying nine trends that are likely to transform businesses in the next 18-24 months. Insights include  strategy, risk, and finance implications that will empower technology leaders, business leaders and board members.

Is artificial intelligence relevant for all industries?

Is South Africa ready for artificial intelligence (AI)? What about the role of humans in AI? Is AI really going to take over our jobs? Where do companies start, when it comes to AI readiness? These were just a few of the questions that were put to three experts at a recent webinar we hosted together with Synthesis Software Technologies.

Human assets are instrumental in protecting virtual and physical assets

While digital transformation and the move to the connected enterprise offer brilliant benefits to organisations, improved visualisation, better and faster data acquisition and processing, remote support, and informed decision-making, there is industry-wide concern that the 'smart' enterprise is increasingly vulnerable.

Unleashing the power of machine learning in digital marketing

Over the past five years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in marketing have come a long way. Yet many marketers who are using today’s programmatic and social platforms to reach their audience are not exploiting the full power of the algorithms these platforms can offer or the vast amounts of consumer data they collect.

Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring systems are the new competitive edge

Temperature and humidity monitoring are essential, particularly when it comes to the storage and transport of temperature-sensitive goods, such as medicines and vaccines or fruit, vegetables, ice cream, frozen food and meat. In order to maintain the integrity of the cold chain from manufacturing to distribution and retail or application of these items; real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity levels has become critical.

Embracing the future of telephony

The fear of making wrong technology choices can delay critical transitions to modern innovative technologies. Business leaders need to keep abreast of the ever-evolving telephony market because communications is a key drivers for modern businesses.

Artificial Intelligence, freedom of expression and the press

A free press or media has an important role to play in democracies as it is responsible for gathering and distributing the information that citizens use to decide how they are going to vote. They then have the further responsibility to monitor and hold those in power accountable.

Why your business no longer needs a PABX

Let’s face it, things have changed for business. They are not going to go back to the way they were. And we need new ways to manage the 'new normal', fast. Take for instance your office PABX system: A PABX (or PBX) is a company switchboard, that allows everyone in the company to make and receive calls from the same number(s), and transfer calls between each other. Sounds simple enough, right?

How to create an intelligent enterprise that future proofs business

The drive towards digital transformation and the adoption of new IT methods, tools and technologies is a business critical move to build an intelligent enterprise which will stand above the competition and succeed as the enterprise of tomorrow.

Providing an integrated CX through CRM

According to a study by Brain & Company, organisations with a Customer Experience (CX) mindset drive a revenue of 4-8% higher than the rest in their respective industries. Having a customer-centric approach is therefore vital for businesses operating in the digital age. Here, data is a key element in driving business operations.


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