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REVIEW | Oppo Reno 7 5G – a little more than...

Oppo has launched its newest smartphone in South Africa. The Reno 7 5G looks sparkly, takes good selfies, is quick enough for texting and social media, and everyday browsing. The smartphone can make a massive impact on the continent.

Don’t neglect rural SMEs – the economy needs them

The South African Reserve Bank increased the repo rate by 50 basis points to 4.75%, after it was previously agreed at 25bps during the May policy meeting due to the declining Rand exchange, consumers are in for a tough time. When the repo rate goes up, the lending rate goes up and the consumers' pockets are affected.

Password management needs a rethink

With technology integrated into every facet of an organisation, there are massive consequences if systems go down, regardless of the size or industry sector of a business. Over the years, I have seen my share of the IT challenges companies face daily. However, these extend beyond the operational to include cybersecurity concerns as well.

Smart cities – the solution to Africa’s upward urbanisation trend

Africa’s urban population is booming. At 3.5% per year, the continent’s urban growth rate is the highest of the developing world over the last twenty years. Within the next twenty, research suggests that every second person in Africa will live in a town or a city, bringing the urban population to around 926 million people.

Siri “Navigate My Business towards Optimal Performance”

Around 80% of smart phone owners use navigation applications regularly. In fact, many of us are so used to using these navigation tools, we even use them when familiar with our planned destination. For something so ingrained in our day to day lives, few of us have really stopped to think what these navigation apps are doing.

Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain

We have announced new research findings from our latest global research survey, ‘Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain’, which explores the challenges and solutions to ongoing supply chain disruptions that manufacturers and distributors face today.

Make sure you pay the CEO

Traditional payment fraud has been rife for some time, where the cybercriminal impersonates the CEO, or other senior member of staff, to convince the finance department to make an urgent payment to either a new supplier or update their bank details.

REPORT | Infostealers, cyber-centricity and vulnerability exploits

In my previous article, I highlighted that cyber threat intelligence (CTI) offers improved visibility into overall network threats and informs decision-makers how to prioritise security around potential targets and threats. We have created relevant, timely and actionable threat intelligence for more than 20 years.

REVIEW | Samsung Freestyle Projector

The Freestyle is portable entertainment device that brings a new level of flexibility to the projector category. It combines the projector with a smart speaker and ambient lighting in a lightweight format, weighing just 830 grams, and mounted on a cradle that allows vertical rotation of up to 180 degrees.

The draft licensing regulations released for public comment

We have published the draft .za registry and registrar licensing regulations that provide details on the requirements to be met by registries and registrars to be licensed, the steps to be taken when applying for the renewal of the license, and how to address contraventions of the license conditions.


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