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Fri, May 24, 2019

Global standard for digital literacy, skills and readiness launched

The Coalition for Digital Intelligence (CDI), a platform created in association with the World Economic Forum (Forum) and formed jointly by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), IEEE Standards Association (IEEE), and DQ Institute, has today launched the DQ Global Standards Report 2019 which is the world’s first attempt to define a global standard for digital literacy, skills and readiness across the education and technology sectors.

Hardware impact on licensing costs

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing and applying software licenses is that there are many variations available, depending on the solution businesses opt for. License rules also change regularly as vendors adapt to new technology, phase out old technology or update their solutions.

SA firms challenged by rising costs whilst striving for innovation

Boardroom efforts to make customer experience a priority is being hampered by rising costs, retention and bad debt. South African firms continue to be challenged by rising costs of customer acquisition, retention, fraud and bad debt while striving for innovation through leveraging data and AI techniques.

Is security ruining your integration project?

Identity access management (IAM) is an older approach to enterprise security that is complex and difficult to manage across all users, throughout the business and its many systems, both sanctioned and shadow, along with the associated on- and off-premise data.

What if Africa was orange? A glimpse of the future

The earth also looks pitch black at night to those in search of the world’s second largest continent – and half of the earth’s land mass, for that matter. But now imagine this: what if, some years down the line, Africa was orange? What if, by the year 2030, viewed from outer space, the continent was ablaze with little lights, symbols of prosperity and connectedness, everywhere?

How security professionals can solve for the biological need to break...

Would you allow someone else to delete the apps on your phone? Like many, I have an emotional connection with my device and what’s on it, so woe betide anyone touching my apps. However, I use my device for both work and personal activities, so how can my company balance the risks involved?

Foldable screens leading to convergence of computing devices?

Over the past 10 years, smartphones have eased dedicated personal navigation devices, standalone cameras, and alarm clocks out of most of our lives. Could notebook and desktop computers be next? Don’t bet against it—a combination of our changing habits and new technologies could one day turn the standalone computer into a niche device, in much the same way as SLR cameras are today.

Unlocking the 5G promise

Before we can truly embrace the tantalising promise of 5G, network operators must consider a number of architectural realities. As we head further into 2019, the world of telecoms continues to be abuzz with talk about 5G networks.

Steps to stay ahead of load shedding

Businesses must be proactive in order to keep the lights on. With South African businesses in the throes of debilitating load shedding, there are widespread concerns around reduced output and fast-eroding productivity. Not to mention the negative sentiment and irritability that the rolling power outages tend to evoke.

Foreign cloud investment tips the balance to local

The scale of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the South African internet in recent months has meant that in-country content is on track to soon exceed out-of-country content. The localisation of the content accessed by South African web users is helped by major content and Cloud providers building infrastructure located in Africa’s most diversified economy.
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