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Fri, Oct 23, 2020

IoT and automation are influencing entrepreneurship in 2020

The lockdown, interruption of supply chains, and the emergence of a distributed workforce are accentuating the need for innovation and entrepreneurship, with countless technology opportunities emanating from these unusual times. We are facing unprecedented disorder, with COVID-19 highlighting the need for bold, innovative solutions at all levels of society.

New work paradigm allows female leadership style to flourish

The global COVID-19 pandemic has provided critical leadership lessons for governments and organisations around the world. The crisis affirmed the importance of bold, decisive decision-making in the face of unprecedented challenges, while also highlighting the importance of agile thinking and adaptability.

JSE guidance on effective communication with investors

The JSE has identified focus areas for listed companies to consider when raising capital to weather the COVID-19 crisis, including the amount of information they need to disclose. Over the last few months, many issuers have approached investors to raise capital to weather the COVID-19 storm or are in the process of doing so.

Building and enhancing business resilience

2020 has seen more people speaking of 'resilience' than ever before. While some organisations are well underway on their resilience journeys, others still ponder what resilience really means and how to start building it. Amidst global economic pressures, many organisations do not have the funds, resources and time available to develop and implement comprehensive programmes to enhance resilience.

Entrepreneurship improves the standard of living

Every person who goes into business does so for various reasons and manages their company in a way they deem fit. Ultimately entrepreneurship is about creating jobs and improving society’s standard of living and while there may be ample ways of getting there, successful entrepreneurs have basic underlying traits that make them and their businesses fruitful.

BOOK REVIEW | The New Success Paradigm

Today the focus on ‘a job’ is more pronounced than it has ever been before in our global commercial history. We are living on a planet that is rapidly becoming less and less sustainable and which needs to progressively take better care of its people, and vice versa.

How remote working has changed productivity

Almost a year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, most organisations have settled into new, more digital ways of working and collaborating. Even though the crisis is not yet behind us, businesses should seize this chance to evaluate their performance through a new lens – and to reshape themselves into more resilient, flexible and productive organisations.

We are still a nation at war with ourselves, even if...

In 1994, I wrote an article in which I stated that ‘the ‘eggshell issues’ of racial discrimination, bias, prejudice and stereotyping, until now far too sensitive to discuss openly, needed to become the subject of continuous debate at all levels of the organisation.’

A systematic approach to ESG investing imperative

As increasingly more investors begin to question the purpose and impact of their investments, beyond a singular focus on return, unlisted alternative assets have demonstrated how supporting environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles can generate solid returns for investors, while also having a tangible, positive and lasting impact.

Ways in which young entrepreneurs can grow their businesses

Young entrepreneurs can uncover opportunities to build and grow their businesses. As President Ramaphosa noted in a recent newsletter to the nation, young entrepreneurs are finding the 'silver lining to the dark COVID-19 cloud'.



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