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Friday, January 18, 2019

Beware the iceberg!

Insourcing your business continuity management may seem to make sense—until, too late, you realise that 80 percent of the costs and complexities are hidden. Although most responsible organisations now accept the imperative for a proper business continuity management (BCM) plan, when it comes to investing in a business continuity capability, the eternal problem of costs asserts itself.


From a small and medium enterprises (SME) perspective, the current economic environment is more conducive to growth and opportunity than it was a year...

Lessons for ‘momtrepreneurs’ this Mothers’ Day

Mothers are often lauded as the superheroes of their homes and society at large. So, when it comes to entrepreneurial moms, there can be no doubt that these women are a boundless source of inspiration who serve as motivation for their children and other moms to pursue entrepreneurship, a decision that can only benefit South Africa into the future.

Attendance at board meetings – a critical director’s responsibility

Recent news reports relating to the withdrawal of a non-executive director up for re-election due to his non-attendance at meetings for four years by Purple, a JSE-listed company, highlight one critical area of a director’s responsibility: the necessity to attend board meetings.

Companies must review critical security controls

Recent incidents have highlighted the need for all companies and organisations to review the safety and security of their data and their IT systems, as standard approaches no longer protect against myriad vulnerabilities.

DELEGATION: The key for motivation and productivity

Mark Orpen | Chief Executive Officer | The Institute of People Development | mark.orpen@peopledev.co.za  | www.peopledevelopment.co.za | A large managerial role entails making people work,...


Courage and inspiration are words often used in storybooks, rarely leaving the pages they were written on. Creativity could be placed in the same...


The fiduciary duties of a company director are found in section 76 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 ("the Act”) and the common...

SAA board and chair must fulfil their duties

There are reports that SAA chair, Dudu Myeni, has recently missed several special board meetings, and that her colleagues on the board are taking...


The business cost of failure to consider environmental impact management extends beyond reputational damage and could entail jail time and multi-million-rand fines for law-breakers....
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