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Business continuity: achieving end-to-end visibility of supply chain

For many enterprises, their siloed, traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems are proving to be their Achilles’ heel when trying to operate in unprecedented circumstances, preventing business continuity and resilience.

Smart-track, don’t fast-track business survival

There are plenty of gags out there about how the main driver to fast-tracking digital transformation in business has been COVID-19, rather than the CTO – and , sadly, they’re largely true. The necessity of shifting the majority of global office workforces to a ‘work-from-home’ scenario almost overnight has seen a huge shift in the way businesses function – and forced those who weren’t embracing digital to do so, in a hurry.

Common mistakes SMMEs make when hiring the youth

SMMEs play a fundamental role in the growth of a country’s economy. For South Africa, small and medium enterprises contribute significantly to the overall GDP and have continued to be in the front-lines of combating one of the biggest socio-economic challenges that affects the country; namely unemployment.

Business case for cloud: why finance needs a seat at the...

Most businesses are by now already at one or another stage of the enterprise cloud transformation journey and a staggering 93 percent of business executives who participated in Deloitte’s 2018 global outsourcing survey, confirmed that their organisations were adopting - or at least considering adopting - cloud.

Coping during a crisis: boosting morale in times of uncertainty

The only certainty in life is that there will be uncertainty - having a clear plan on how to keep employees engaged and connected can help mitigate these times. Most businesses are no strangers to challenges. However, the current global crisis has created several new challenges for businesses and employees alike. Among these new difficulties that need to be dealt with are persistent pressures that erode morale over time.

SME cash flow through the lockdown levels

As the economy opens up, following the slow phasing out of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, many businesses are returning to work. For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who have lost out on eight weeks of trade, the process of reopening their doors and scaling up production is going to be difficult.

BOOK REVIEW | Leadership: The Exponential Effect

This book is a well-researched principle-based book that explores the relationship between self-leadership (leading me),leading others (leading them), leading teams (leading us) and leading for results (developing solutions). Leadership: The Exponential Effect is a cumulative expression of 25 years’ experience working in the areas of leadership development in more than 80 countries.

FEATURE | Governance & Accountability

Poor governance practices, poor oversight and a lack of accountability lie at the heart of state capture and the large-scale corporate fraud that has dominated newspaper headlines in South Africa over the last three years. It is precisely due to the weaknesses in the governance structures and systems that dishonest and unethical leaders have been able to plunder state resources and commit fraud.

Internal audit require greater representation on the board

A plethora of corporate governance codes has been written across the world, and in spite of their recommendations which inter alia seek to protect stakeholder interests and shareholder value, many governance failures and organisational collapses continue seemingly unabated.

Non-executive directors cautioned to exercise due care

South Africa’s non-executive directors cautioned to exercise due care in discharging their responsibilities in the wake of recent corporate disasters. Boards are under significant pressure to continually transform in the face of disruptive technology, globalisation, political and economic uncertainty, and a volatile marketplace.


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