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Improving ROI through on-boarding leadership coaching?

While many leaders fail to hit the mark for many reasons, one factor is often overlooked. Many do not get the on-boarding support they need to assimilate to the new role, such as working with a coach.

Regular board evaluation is more than simply a recommendation

Management guru, Peter Drucker, is often quoted as saying, 'If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage [or improve] it'. Constructive feedback is integral to a process of development, growth and improvement, not least in an organisational setting, and especially in the case of boards of directors.

Workplace conflict – Perspectives and opportunities

Conflict is a reality in the working environment, and if dealt with successfully, it can result in creative and inspired solutions, stronger relationships and progressive development.

The art of the ‘hustle’

In entrepreneurship we often hear people talking about 'the hustle'. Traditionally, being viewed as a 'hustler' was perceived as a negative connotation – recently, however, to survive as an entrepreneur it is seen as necessary to succeed – everyday I’m hustling!

Black Beneficiary dissonance

BBBEE Employees are not entitled. Often, they are just COMPROMISED. A major problem is developing in companies which have embraced BBBEE, where Employee Ownership or Beneficiary Trusts have been created. Employees who happen to also be BBBEE Beneficiaries, sometimes misunderstand that they are ordinary employee’s and do not have a favoured, preferred or somehow entitled status, in-comparison with other employee’s in the company.

Risk management for the healthcare industry: the importance of checklists

Surgery is becoming ever more sophisticated and complex, and the rise of the super-specialist surgeon complements a modern world in which what we know about the human body is constantly evolving and improving.

Enhancing risk management processes through KRI’s

Risk management can be defined as altering the potential risks a company faces to match the risks that it desires. This entails establishing and assessing the risk appetite of the entity, meaning the amount and type of risk that an organisation is willing to take in order to meet its strategic objectives.

Stress management key to growing your business

Many small and medium enterprise (SME) owners grapple with the stress and strain of running a business. This was confirmed by the findings of the second quarter 2018 SME Confidence Index, which reveals that 76 percent of the SME owners surveyed say that the pressure of running their own business can sometimes be overwhelming and limit their potential.

Delving deeper into Eskom’s mismanagement

In July this year, Eskom released their much-delayed financial results. Poor results revealed, amongst others, a net loss of R2.3 billion and an amount of R19.6 billion that was attributed to irregular expenditure. 

Succession planning will be affected by new generational thinkers

Organisational succession planning, and the associated management and implementation of such plans, has traditionally been viewed as a long-term, deliberate and well-thought-out process.
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